Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Doctor is in.

As in theory McMourning is my main master I thought I'd share some picture of my crew (not just as blog filler I promise) I do run a few different list with McM but this is my core.

First up the super surgeon himself. I have a plan to re do the paint job on him as its not great but that will wait until later. (also a very bad picture sorry)

Never far behind the doctor is his trusty sidekick Sebastian. I'm a lot happier with him.

The nurse come next. The transitions need a lot more work but it was very late / early morning when I painted these

The ever loyal dogs come next. Zombie chihuahua and canine remains

McMourning of course never leaves home without a few flesh construts

I also like the student with McMourning, visually  and thematically more than anything else.

Lastly good old Killjoy. I don't run him as often as I'd like but I really can't imagine how McM wouldn't be obsessed with an undead Neverborn killer for higher.

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