Wednesday, 27 May 2015

End of the League.

Short post as I have tournaments to plan. (make sure you've got your ticket to Dark Faux in July)

At our club we have just finished a short league. The idea was a quick fun league that would be good for new and old players alike.

What I came up with was a 5 week escalation league that covered all the rulebook strategies and all the schemes. All the Strats and schemes were pre announced so that everyone had time to think about how they wanted to build their crews.

 There was also a ranking system in place to help balance the experienced and newer players. This seemed to work as most of the games were very close.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Spirit of the game.

My most recent Malifaux master is Kirai. I picked up her box set along with Izamu and Yin.

I really enjoyed painting these as for a resser player it was a nice change from zombie flesh tones.

First up was Izamu the Armour in the style of a terracotta warrior.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Learning Lynch

I could be wrong but I think Lynch might be the master everyone wants to play but often feels he (or they) come up short when it matters. Who doesn't want to be a card shark in a card game!

So, as I am currently 'learning Lynch' myself, from the Neverborn angle I should point out, I thought I might do a bit of a spiel on what I have discovered so far.

Quick disclaimer, I'm no pro, I have played 4 games so far only with Lynch, these are my initial thoughts on Lynch and I hope to post additional musings and tactical genius (hah!) as I go along!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

What to love whilst losing

I still lack confidence when playing Malifaux even after multiple tournaments and tens of friendly games. I get serious, all too serious. Maybe this is a problem of mindset; I don't start a game planning to win but simply to not lose. I tend to rush the game and get my models in harm's way early on. And kick myself. On the other hand I think getting my models blasted off the board is more fun than edging around each other. Which is why I seem not to have learnt my lesson.

Some of the best games have been against people way better than me with beautiful models and smashing deployment and movement strategies. Even if I don't win much I still love the aesthetic and the complexity of the game.

Top of my list of things to remind myself I love about Malifaux even when on a losing streak: The humour. Let's take some rosy instances:

Monday, 11 May 2015

#TOMB2 Month Three: Nekima Rises (or not)

Month Three Hobby
Well here we are at the end of another month. This month was both more and far less successful than the previous months. I got 2 games in this month with Zoraida (more than the first two months combined). However, due to the realities of real life getting in the way (as I am currently in the process of moving to a new place so haven't had much time to set up my stuff and paint) I have not finished Nekima for the end of Month 3 :(. I'm probably about 50% done her at best and doubt I will have much more time this month to paint until I've finished the process of moving into a new place. So rather than focus on the painting failures, below I have included summaries of the two games I played with Zoraida this month.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The end is fucking cancelled

This is a very negative sounding post about me being positive, or more likely an excuse for me to ramble on without have an actual point.

We all enjoy Malifaux and it's a great time to be involved it the game, there are tournaments and events every week all over the country, there are amazing new releases on a regular basis and most importantly there are hundreds of gamers passionate about the game.
This wasn't always the case, even newer players can remember a time when you had to hunt around for a Malifaux stockist and your chance of finding a regular game let alone a well attended event was weak. I don't want to sound like a doomsayer but that time will come again.

All games have peaks and troughs when it comes to popularity both in local metas and on national levels it's in the nature of most gamers to love the new shiney or to get burnt out on the regular games. 
We're seeing it a lot right now with people getting hooked on the current  load of kickstarter payouts like Guild Ball and Wrath of Kings. If the games are good some people will switch completely, some will drift between games and some will run back with a renewed love of Malfaux.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

From Rasputina to Ironsides

I have a number of arcanists models, all to work with my one master, Raspy.

People keep asking me whether I will move on to a new master soon. This is completely understandable, so many cool masters and models I am missing out on. One that, dare I admit, might better suit my play style.

I keep an eye on what I particularly admire when I play against other masters. One of the actions I most envy is giving out/having extra AP or at least pushing others. That and disappearing and reappearing on the board (e.g. Hello/Goodbye Levi).

Ironsides: tough, gains adrenaline in the fray, mobility tricks.
  • "Good shot, my turn." Tome defensive trigger gives out damage when she suffers damage from a ml attack.
  • "You looking at me." Lure-like (1) action that pulls all models their cg. Then forces a ml attack (opportunity for "Good shot, my turn").
  • "Rush 'em" - (0) action that pushes into base contact up to 6in with enemy model.