Thursday, 26 February 2015

Using the Latigos part 2 - Perdita Ortega


Df Wp Wd Wk Cg Ht
7 7 10 5 6 2

Already we can see that Perdita is quite a strong leader. A Df and Wp of 7 means that she is at an advantage to all but the strongest attackers and casters and 10 Wd mean that she can take a bit of a beating. The trade-off is that she only has a cache of 2SS, meaning that you may want to consider forgoing some upgrades in order to ensure you have enough SS to spend during the game.


Perdita, like most Family members, has the COMPANION ability. This allows you to 'chain' activations for this model, if another model finishes its activation within 6". When I first started playing this was the first ability I used almost every time, getting more shots off against a model seems like a really big deal but the more I played the more I started to realise that it was quite situational. Rather than try and activate all my models as soon as possible I learned that in Malifaux you need to be able to react to your opponent and if all your models have already activated then there is no response that can be made.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Building ruins for Malifaux

So following up from my Terrain Musings post I decided to go with some Badlands themed terrain. i was casting some moulds for a future Victorian themed table. I happen to have quite a few Hirst Arts moulds. I was casting some cobblestone moulds and I still have not got the volumes right so I had spare hydrocal to go around. So I poured the extra into my large Caverns Floor Mould. And then the idea struck...I could mix the floor moulds with some rocks for an outside ruin look.

Materials used

  • Cast cavern floor moulds
  • Blue styrofoam
  • MDF board
Not pictured:
  • Sharp exacto knife
  • Sand
  • PVA
  • Paint
  • Small stones
  • Lumps of turf

Friday, 20 February 2015

Showing some filth.

Okay with the absence of anything big or clever to talk about I am going to share some picture of my Ressers.

Up until last September I was a fully paid up member of the Guild with plenty of shiny painted models to dish out some rough malifaux justice on the tabletop. Then I decided to add McMourning to the gang and suddenly I'm surrounded by undead filth.

So in the last few months I've been building the new faction with freshly painted models that you are about to witness.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Recapping Tara - what did not work

So the league has come to a close and my Tara crew fared pretty well. What stuck out very prominently was that in the first six games I only won a single game. However, in the last six games I only lost a single game.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to review and contrast these two halves. Welcome to the first half.

Strategies and schemes (as recalled)
Gremlins – Rafael?
Squatters rights

Protect territory
-2 loss
Arcanists – Rasputina
Covered in detail in my previous post
-2 loss
Guild – Lucius

Cursed Object
3 victory
Guild – Lady J (non-league)

Gremlins – Zoraida

5 all draw
Neverborn – Lilith

Plant explosives
-2 loss
Ten Thunders – Misaki
Turf War

A line in the sand
-9 loss

Monday, 16 February 2015

Using the Latigos part 1 - The Latigo Posse

There are many different crew options for Guild players but one with a great deal of offensive firepower is The Latigo Posse.

The Latigo Posse are the main crew I am familiar with, having piloted them through the slow grow league and I only feel after 15 or so games that I am beginning to scratch the surface or what might initially appear to be a 1 trick shoot-everything-in-sight pony.

What's in the box?

In The Latigo Posse box comes a close knit crew let by PERDITA ORTEGA. Perdita is accompanied by family members FRANCISCO ORTEGA, SANTIAGO ORTEGA, PAPA LOCO and her totem an ENSLAVED NEPHILIM for a raw cost of 32ss.

There is also a handful of useful upgrades including the Perdita exclusive OS VEO, TRICK SHOOTING, and AURA ANCESTRAL; an almost mandatory upgrade for Francisco with WADE IN; a beastly 3ss non-master upgrade DIESTRO; and 2 Family exclusive upgrades HERMANOS DE ARMAS and TORMENTA DE PLOMO.

In this series of articles I will discuss each and hopefully provide a little insight into how to make the most of this crew. I will also discuss other useful and future models that can be added to this crew to make the most out of them. This will include PISTOLERO DE LATIGOS and ABUELA LATIGO when released.

Stay tuned and let me know if you agree or disagree with anything I say or if you have some tricks of your own!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Vapnartak Tournament Recap

Alright, second tournament weekend of 2015. Went down to York with Pippatick for the weekend, did some sightseeing on Saturday and then down to Vappa for a 3-game 40ss tournament on Sunday. First of all, it was really cool having a tournament in a convention, especially as we were given a 2 hour gap between game 1 and 2 so we could have lunch and look around. Pippatick and I both picked up some basing stuff (flowers for me and frosted grass tufts for her).

Thanks to Chris Holloway for running a great event, and especially for making sure I got a lunch I could eat as it's tricky sometimes with my dietary issues. Also there was a prize raffle after the tournament (raising money for WAAC and Help for Heroes) and I won a limited edition Red Translucent Bete Noire. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it as I don't play Resurrs, but still very happy with the extensive prize support. Alright, on to the games.

Game One vs Phil Sanderson
Extraction (Standard Deployment)
A Line In The Sand
Protect Territory
Spring the Trap
Take Prisoner

My List:
Dreamer with Aether Connection, Dreams of Pain, Otherworldly
2 Daydreams
Widow Weaver
6 Soulstones

His List:
Nicodem with Shadow Embrace
2 Canine Remains
2 Punk Zombies
Rotten Belle
7 Soulstones

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Something new

As I've previously mentioned I've decided to start a new master this year and the fella in question is Seamus.

On paper the man in the hat looked fun and straight forward which is just what I wanted. So first step was to pick up the box set and get building.

The models were nice to build nothing too awkward or fiddley. The belles had some thin joints and Sybelle had a massive joint in the middle of her chest but other than that I enjoyed the process.

Painting comes next and have to say that I was looking forward to it. I'd seen a few different colour schemes for Seamus and wanted to steer away from the traditional green. A blue and yellow check seemed to fit the bill.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Calling down the Thunder

So my first year of Malifaux has finished. Hard to believe I’ve only been playing since Spring 2014. It has actually become quite a key part of my life.

I’ve enjoyed playing the Viktorias as my first crew, and sort of enjoyed Nicodem as my second crew. I’ve decided I want a nice melee crew that has some range and flexibility with the extra character from strange movement/casting effects. The Viks are tough, and hit hard and I’ll round them out with some Freikorp over the next year, but I’ve decided to switch to Ten Thunders as I love the theme and the mechanics of the crews seem to be a nice mix of complex and straightforward melee so they have a bit more depth and variety than the Viktoria’s.

Now Ten Thunders have some gorgeous models and I felt spoilt for choice. I will be picking up Shen Long when he arrives, but for now I’ve gone with Yan Lo.

I chose him because he can play as ressurrectionist and uses some resser models even when he is a Ten Thunder master, so I can get some mileage out of my resser collection. He has a great interaction with Toshiro and Izamu as well as finding punk zombies useful. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers: Ground Zero

Despite my better judgement I have decided to add yet another series of articles to my contribution to this blog alongside tournament reviews, Dreamer tactica (sorry it's taking so long!!), my Masters after 5 series (which is probably going to start later in the year as I still have only played 3 or fewer games with my non-Dreamer Masters) and other random musings. Apparently I am insane. But I really liked falling TOMB last year and have an unbuilt/unpainted Zoraida box calling my name on my desk so I thought this was the perfect time to get involved. I bought the box to expand my general Neverborn collection as I needed Silurids and really liked the look and rules of Bad Juju.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Terrain musings

So A Wyrd Place is running a terrain building competition for the January competition. I have been needing a kick to get some terrain building done again so this should help.

The idea is to build some terrain and donate it to a local gaming club. Given that our local henchmen wants to do a February tournament at Dark Sphere that sounds just perfect.

The purpose of this blog is to throw some ideas together for what I would like to end up creating. I figured I would start with looking at some of the scenario terrain from the book:

Monday, 2 February 2015

Mother of Monsters: Introducing Lilith

So after my first post giving a brief into to my Guild Crew my first Master review is actually going to be on the Neverborn master, Lilith.

Quite the switch-a-roo for me, going away from my favoured all guns blazing approach to the get up close and personal ways of Lilith and her nephilim cohorts.

This was helped along by another slow grow so first up I purchased the Lilith crew box and the Nephilim themed box both of which I'll go into more detail about below.

5 Points for those interested in Lilith