Thursday, 18 June 2015

Summer Showdown run down.

A really brief write up of my trip to Summer Showdown recently, before you get excited I didn't do too well in terms of points but I was funny and charming so I'm taking the moral victory ( I do that a lot it's the only win I tend to get )

So we'll start with the beginning I drove down to Wayland games and made it despite the best efforts of my sat nav and other drivers trying to kill me. I even got there early enough to have a cup of tea.

My first game was slightly delayed due to my opponent reading the start time off the website not the forum (true story) which meant I had time for tea #2 before facing off against Conrad and his resser Yan Lo. I ran resser McMourning all day. Even with the slight delay we managed a solid four turns and a lot of back and forth resulted in a 4-4 draw

Break for lunch and tea #3 before back to the action.

Game two was against Dave Hill running a summoning Somer gremlin list with a pigapult and a rooster rider the pigapult squashed Sebastian early on (must remember to use soulstone to save him next time) a couple of tied rounds of turf war before the rooster rider went mad and killed everyone including McMourning with a red jokered damage flip. As you can guess I lost but played well to score 6(I think??) vp to Dave 10. 

Quick dart off for tea #4 while doing this I missed the set up for the painting comp but I doubt anyone missed much with my models staying in the case.

Game three was against Matt Cole with Sonnia. I'd been trying to get a game against Matt for a while as we both play in sunny London.
After two close games with decent crew selection on my part, the fatigue and short attention span started to show on this game with an odd crew selection for the schemes chosen. That doesn't take away from the fact that Matt out played me with Sonnia dishing out burning and shutting down casting well to beat me 7-6 (I think it's a bit fuzzy) McMourning managed to die to a red joker damage flip again this game.

Quick break, quick chat to people and tea #5 then onto the last game.

Game four was against Phil from Canterbury. By this point I was running on empty and probably didn't give Phil the most exciting of games. It's was McMourning versus Pandora. Really fun game on a player to player note Phil was a great guy, on the table I just moved models about with a vague plan and watched McM get paralysed repeatedly. I lost this one 10 - 3 or there about.

All in all a great day well run by Mike Marshall and the fellas from Wayland. Lessons learned from the day are one Malifaux is better with more tea. Two my brain will switch off after 4 hours of gaming and will be mush after 8 hours. Three I dislike driving if it takes more than 30 minutes.
On a serious note I think that the main thing I'll need to work on before I go to another tournament is keeping my mind working for a full day of gaming but I think that will be a good topic for a future post. 


  1. I find all draws are wins and anything with a VP diff better than -5 is a draw......

    Also you need to drink more tea

    p.s. good write up

    1. Also always around for the odd vassalfaux game as well ;)

  2. Always need more tea! I suspect vassal would cause my laptop to explode. Youtube stretches its limits most the time.