Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our readers! I hope you have enjoyed all the content we have put out this year and we are looking forward to providing you with much more in the new year. We will be breaking for the holidays, but expect to see some 2016 in review posts and some 2017 plans coming up in January (as well as my predictions for how Masters will go). Thank you all for continuing to support us and I hope everyone gets lots of new hobby stuff for Christmas.

Finally a word from our resident Santa Clause:
Santa says "Have a Merry Fauxmas!"

Friday, 16 December 2016

High Fauxdelity

Plenty of you will already have heard that a couple of local players along with myself and fellow Abnormalifaux Conor have started a podcast.

Image result for high fidelityThe idea behind the show is for it to be a debate, we each choose our best and worst within a particular category then we argue our case. The main rule is that there can be no agreement, all models have good and bad points our job is to pick these out  and weaponise them to prove our mates wrong.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Welcome (back) to Malifaux

Well after too long an absence, I've finally had a game of Malifaux. I thought I might jot down some reflections on how it felt after a 6 month break. Luckily my good friend Francois stepped in to give me a game. He ran:


Sensai Yu
The Shadow Emissary
The Lone Swordsman
Wandering River Monk
A peasant
A TT Brother.

The strategy was extraction.

The first thing that struck me was how rusty I was at crew selection. I went with Pandora as my go to Master. She is just so good and super fun to play. Plus people get nervous when you activate her because he actually has an impact on the game. Just the threat of know she can activate is worrying for an opponent. 

I took 

Pandora (The Box Opens, Wings of Darkness, and Fears Given Form). I like my girl to be up and hurting people.
Widow Weaver
Primordial Magic
Terror Tot.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Ho Ho Ho merry fauxmas

So this weekend was my first ever story event. Down to sunny Hockley I went for (another) day at Wayland games.

I was treating the event as a bit of an end of year office party type day, so I loaded up the car with my stupid elf hat and a few Christmas crackers plus an untried or tested crew lead by young Miss Tara.

After a quick breakfast in the cafe (I strongly recommend this a fried food is the key to a long happy life) it was over to Wayland to pull my hat on and stand about talking nonsense for a while.

Game one rolled up and instead of the usual random first round draw this time you had to find someone you've never played and face them.

I ended up playing someone I regularly see at events but never get to play (mainly because we are so far apart in skill, he gets top tables while I get spoons) Mr Joe Wood who shockingly wasn't running Kirai.

The story with this game was that we we're trying to collect parts to build a present. This was
done by picking up randomly placed markers to fit our plans (handed out by TO)

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Rush Goalie 3: Finale Event of Season 2

So while the vast majority of Guildball players were over at Steamcon for the weekend, I attended a small (10 person) tournament at one of my favourite venues the Tanelorn Wargaming Club. The last time I attended an event there it was for a Malifaux event which was an absolute blast, and my second ever Malifaux tournament win. Would this day be as successful? Read on to find out!

I took my usual tournament lineup bar subbing in Siren for Fangtooth (Shark, Salt, Sakana, Jac, Greyscales, Angel, Siren, Gutter). The other captains in play were Ox (3 of them!), Fillet, Smoke (2), Midas, Corsair, and Theron. So 7/10 were alchemists or butchers, my two least favourite matchups for Siren... guess she may not get her first tournament action after all...

Game 1 vs Jay (Butchers)

I took my standard lineup for facing Butchers of Shark, Salt, Sakana, Greyscales, Jac, Angel. I don't like Siren into Butchers because they are so fast and she is so easy to kill, and I don't want to get in a fight with Butchers so Gutter was out as well. Jay took Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Rage and Tenderizer leaving Shank and Brisket on the sideboard. I think this lineup was a pretty big mistake as the two players I find frustrate me the most in Butchers are Shank (cause he is so hard to escape from with his high speed and 2" reach) and Brisket (cause she is great at keeping a hold on the ball, especially as my team is very male heavy and the two female players I have either have 1" reach, Angel, or no low tackle result, Siren). Tenderizer was a good choice though as I find him very tough to deal with and scoring on a 5+ sucks.