Monday, 30 November 2015

Rebels & Rioters - Stats.

The results from Rebels & Rioters were sitting about so I decided to see what information I could pull from them.

I'm going to put up the charts with minimal comment (minimal not none I like prattling on too much for none). This is so that people can use them to draw their own conclusions.

The figure are fairly simple but twenty players is a fairly small field to draw any real averages from.

First up is the breakdown of faction.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Molly heads to Croydon (well more Sidcup but hey)


Going into this event it had been 6 or so weeks since I had last played a game of Malifaux. So I was a little rusty and I had only given Molly about 4 games. So I was mostly looking forward to a long day full of Malifaux.

By this stage I had reflected a little on my last few games and had trimmed Molly of her Gorgon's Tear and was running Datsue Ba lighter on upgrades. Sybelle, Izamu and Grave Spirit were my core crew with Belles featuring quite regularly.

Overall I came 15th out of 29, which I was fairly happy with. And given some of my opponents I felt I had done well. It also gave me some great insight into things I wanted to try out more. In particular the game with Joe highlighted how useful Phil and the Nanny could be.

Onto the games:

Monday, 23 November 2015

Rebels & Rioter - Recap

Saturday I ran Rebels & Rioters a small friendly tournament at Dark Sphere in London designed to give the players that couldn't make nationals something to do.

The podium was full of local players first place Marcus Rose , Second place Borja Fontes and third Ian Johnston.

Best painted went to James Henley
Best sport went to Andy Bradshaw (which is a huge achievement when you run THREE rooster riders)

Well done to everyone for making it a great day and thank you all for coming and not asking too many rules questions.

Other than the main event there was also a small side competition. Rebels versus Rioters at registration players were split into two teams and the strategy points from each team were added up to give us a winning team which was the mighty Rebels.

Later in the week I should be able to upload some stats and facts from the day. Also some points that I'd enjoy discussing from the day.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Taking Molly out for a spin

Here is the summary of my first few games with Molly. This is a follow up from my Gorgon's Tear post.


  • The Madame Sybelle delivery service is amazing for Molly. It allows her to skip spending AP on needless walking and also gives her an incredible threat range for summoning even in turn 1.
  • Izamu and unnerving aura just create a massive threat range. If you can tag the grave spirit in there too Izamu won't be giving up space soon. Molly's zero action can be great to make Izamu use his heal out of turn.
  • Onryos are great little summons. They are dangerous enough in combat that they need to be dealt with. Plus on their way out they give even more WP tests for slow AND hand out Adversary. This is fantastic.
  • Shikome and Hanged are terrifying summons and can have a huge impact on the game, particularly if the Onryos have done their Adversary duties.
  • I think I have mastered Molly's summoning actions, but I need to not forget her other actions. Whispered Secret can ruin a model's life.
  • Molly is so card hungry. I was running out of cards so quickly. As a result I found that I was not really able to take advantage of her reactivate (0) action. This really calls into question my original thoughts on Tear of the Gorgon...for the turns you can do this it is fantastic, but they turn out to be loss common that I'd like. I will try dropping this in future.
  • If your opponent bunches up you can really punish them. 

Detailed game analyses:

Monday, 16 November 2015

Battle Report Molly v Shenlong (Both players views)

It should be clear by now that the Abnormalifaux lot like a good club game as well as plenty of tournaments. We all thought that we do plenty of tournaments write ups, but not so many of our club games have been written up on the blog. To change that, here is a battle report from both players perspective.

We pre-flipped our strategy and schemes
Strat: Turf War
Schemes: Breakthrough, Distract, Spring the Trap, Take Prisoner, Line in the Sand. 

Molly view
Turf War, fantastic! This is a strategy that Molly loves. You know that your opponent is going to need to bunch up near the centre. This increases the effectiveness of her summoned models and creates a larger zone of black blood death. There is nothing additional that I will need to pack for this.

The schemes though are a much more difficult prospect. Breakthrough is an obvious choice and I have no shortage of scheme runners if needed, but I was unsure where else I could pick up 3 VPs. Distract can be a good choice in some games, but I play Molly very aggressively and with all the black blood splashing I may end up killing distracted models, so that’s probably out. A line in the sand, hell no. So that really leaves spring the trap or take prisoner. I have never had much success with either of those schemes. 

I was 90% certain that I would be facing off against Shenlong, I don’t know much about him, but I do know that he can be an absolute tank to take down, so I figured that going in I would probably be aiming for spring the trap.

So who to take? My Molly build has been leaned down quite a bit over my last few games and I am almost happy with where I am with her. The new addition today was Philip and the Nanny. I have avoided her recently as I am building her a scenic base and didn’t want her out without it. I have been struggling with card draw though, Molly really hogs cards and I always find myself short. So Phil was shoved in. This left me with:

Molly: Forgotten path and take back the night
Madame Sybelle: Bleeding tongue
Philip and Nanny
Datsue Ba: Spirit Whispers
Izamu: Unnerving Aura
Graveyard Spirit
Rotten Belle
6 soulstones