A blog about Malifaux for Malifaux players experienced and new alike.

As most of us are just starting out it probably lean towards to the beginners view as we enter this crazy world !!

Current Contributors:

Insidiously Mad 

Hi Everybody! I’m Insidiously Mad. I have the same name on the Wyrd forums and twitter (@insidiouslymad). I’m Canadian but have now been living in the UK for over two years.

I started playing miniature games as a kid with Warhammer Fantasy and 40k but stopped playing early in high school and didn’t get back into it until my early 20s. I bought the metal dreamer crew during the final year of 1.5 edition but only ended up playing one game as I was more into other games at the time. With the shift to M2E I gave up the idea of Malifaux for a while though I kept an eye on Dreamer throughout the wave 2 beta.

I have been playing Malifaux for about six months now and have been focusing on Dreamer. I also have a Viktorias crew I’ve used once or twice and have recently purchased Dark Debts. Initially I will be writing extensively about Dreamer, breaking down the crew for beginners followed by more in depth articles on his core models and how I view their role in the crew. I will also be writing first thoughts on new masters as I expand outside Dreamer. I am definitely more focused on covering tactics than I am on painting or battle reports, which I’m sure some of the other contributors will cover better than I could.

Relaxed Dave

Hi there, I'm relaxeddave and I have been gaming for over 2 decades which certainly makes me the 'old man' of this blog. I'm the resident Australian, but like Insidious I'm also currently living in London.

I started, like so many, with Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k and stopped about v4 of 40K ... so about 1998, basically when the armour saves were change to a hard save or none at all, that really annoyed. We are gamers, we can do maths! After a few years hiatus from table gaming top gaming I stumbled across Flames of War and then more recently SAGA, Bolt Action, Warmachine to name a few and of course Malifaux!

I will endeavour to bring (interesting) articles on my crews, tactics, theories and comparisons with the many games I have played and articles on scenery and generally making the gaming table look good!

Dr Walnut

Hello I am Dr Walnut, I’m the resident Malifaux Henchman and general busybody. My main aim is to keep the rest of this lot playing and to keep bringing new players into the hobby.

My gaming past is fairly brief as I played my first table top game just over two years ago. After picking up a few cheap GW models and paints for something to do one Sunday. This led me to finding my way along to Dark Sphere to play some warhammer fantasy. This sparked a new hobby and I’ve been playing and painting various games since then.
As for Malifaux I’ve been playing for about a year and I’ve a Henchman for a few months.

Article wise I plan on sharing what I’ve learnt and what I’m trying to learn in my mini building and painting. I’ll also share my event planning and any henchman type fun.
If you want to you can see pictures of mini’s I’ve done on instagram  @p_shepherd or see my mainly gaming base rambling on twitter @PeterGordo


Greetings, I am Metalhed. I am another expat in the group, hailing from South Africa. I moved to London around 18 months ago and immediately set out to find the local gamers. I started my gaming life playing D&D around 17 years ago. From there I also picked up Magic, but cast it aside in frustration at the size of the hole it left in my wallet. Around 9 years ago I picked up mini gaming with GW’s Warhammer Fantasy. I switched over to Malifaux in 2011.

I started out as an Arcanist player focusing on the M&SU. I run Ramos, Kaeris and Mei Feng. I had great fun with Kaeris back in 1.5 even though she was only a henchwomen; now with full promotion to Master she has received most of my attention. Until now…in 2013 I picked up the limited edition Tara box. The Dark Sphere slow grow was the kick I needed to get her on the table. So I am currently running Tara as a Resurrectionist master and thoroughly enjoying her.

I will focus on my experimentation with Tara in this blog including: crew selection, choices of schemes and just general feedback on my games. I also enjoy building terrain, so if I get around to making any of it I will share my plans and results.


I started playing Malifaux because I have always loved games and painting and since my boyfriend was doing both these things I was itching to give it a go myself. I chose Rasputina’s crew because it had a great back story, cool models and was relatively straight-forward to play with I was assured. I have since played about 20 games. I toss my gamin with great effect (sometimes) but have yet to build Rasputina any ice pillars. Getting familiar with my crew’s strengths and weaknesses, the game mechanics and strategies has been a double blast! As an absolute newbie to gaming I hope I can contribute much to the discussion on that matter and encourage all other newbies to join in too

Bad Luck & Blood

I’ve been playing Malifaux since May 2014. I started gaming playing 40k, Adeptus Titanicus and Warhammer Fantasy 28 years ago I think. Years of defeats and poor paint jobs and great fun. I took a break for uni and then got back into 40K after I got married. I stopped GW games in 2011 and switched to Infinity. Then I got the Malifaux bug big time with M2E.

Currently play Outcasts, Ressurectionists and Ten Thunders. I won’t lie to you or myself, I will get more masters and factions. I started playing with the Viktoria’s and played a single build with them for my early Malifaux games. I learned that there is no problem in the game that can’t be solved with the application of a homicidally insane Viktoria of Blood. I’ve managed not to come last at the tournaments I’ve been to.

I hope to blog on the Viktorias, my journey with learning Nicodem and Yan Lo, and some stuff on logistics, carry cases, tournaments, and maybe some painting. Besides Malifaux I play guitar and listen to history podcasts (especially Jamie Jeffers “The British History Podcast” and Dan Carlin “Hardcore History”).

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