Thursday, 4 June 2015

Riding the pain train

Well, the first half of the year has been a cracking one for my Malifaux game. I’ve kept with the Ten Thunders, mostly Yan Lo but have just switched to Mei Feng

The difference is night and day. I really love the fluff of Yan Lo and turning him into a nearly indestructible spirit by the end of the game, but I’ve noticed he isn’t the most powerful of masters. He is solid, tough and lightning dance has won me the game on positional play. Then I switched to Mei Feng for the recent league at Darksphere. My gosh, but she is awesome. The movement game with the constructs and the pure hitting power of her crew combined with some ridiculously tough models, a great totem and the utility. She has rapidly become my fave go to master. I’ve loved her flexibility and then there is the awesomeness that is the MIGHTY KANG!

A fave tactic of mine so far has been to wait for an enemy to finish its activation then rail walk in, give it cursed object and then rail walk out again.It is nearly impossible to stop if your models are in position (although I have flipped a black joker which stopped the walk half way through!) 

I still haven’t figured out all her chain combo’s but the flexibility she brings is great. I don’t think she is exactly a beat stick though - she isn’t a killer like Levi or the Viktorias but she does some good hit and runs, de buffs the enemy with vent steam and also has a nice line in objective running. 

Kang has also done me proud so far. His star moment was hulking out on Sybelle and the Valedictorian and just pulverising them. Being able to get those positive flips against constructs or undead is great. Plus giving him recalled training is great - on one turn against undead/constructs he goes from Hulk to Green Scar Hulk.

Also her core crew actually works fairly well together. A couple of railworkers, a couple of metal gamin and Kang are a really solid base of a crew. There is unexpected mobility from Mei herself, combined with some nice moves from an Emberling and a Torakage. 

So the next thing is to try Willie and the Rail Golem. 

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