Thursday, 7 July 2016

Progress on the table - Fun with cardboard

I have now moved onto the next phase of my Victorian Streets gaming table - flagstones. It all begins with cardboard.

I have kept a considerable number of cereal boxes in preparation for this stage. I quickly knocked up a pattern and cut out varying sizes of cardboard pieces.

Next I glued them onto my pieces. The first few I did separately as a test. Once I was happy I glued all my pieces to the board and attached the cardboard once they were in place.

And more progress.

 And the gluing to the table begins. You can see I base coated the first two pieces in black. I use a mix of PVA, black craft paint and water for this. Without the PVA the styrofoam will just absorb all of the paint. This also gives a stronger surface.

 Here you can see that I have also attached my cobblestone streets.
 After many hours of cutting and gluing cardboard the flagstones were finally taking shape.

As much as I love the look I am really not looking forward to doing this on three more boards.

 Next time I should be able to show you some progress on the painting. Hope you enjoyed the update.


  1. Dude, your board is looking AMAZING! I bought a couple of Malifaux crews about 4 months ago, and have been working on painting the models, scratch building terrain, and just recently started on my board. Haven't played a single game yet, but I am so stoked to get all of this done so I can finally play! It is such a rich world, that I hate to just throw a crappy board together just for the sake of playing. That has meant hours of searching for sweet Malifaux boards that I could emulate. Yours is the BEST Malifaux-world looking scratch built board I have seen! I can't wait till you get it done so I can check it out. Great work! -mike

  2. Cheers

    Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully you like where I take it from here.