Wednesday, 20 July 2016

London Malifaux - Tanelorn (not finished)

So turns out my club guide post got added to the queue despite being slightly unfinished... So what I'm going to do is leave this and the Dark Sphere one up but promise everyone I'll do a proper write up of both Dark sphere and Tanelorn very soon.

Next up is a club most listeners of the late great fools daily would of heard of Tanelorn

 Tanelorn , gaming club


A short walk from Leytonstone Station (Central line)

Leytonstone & District Ex-Servicemen's Club
Harvey Road
E11 3DB


The club meets from 2pm to 6pm every Sunday.


If you are looking for a game head over to their facebook page Tanelorn .


I'll use this section to let Tanelorn say a bit about themselves

The Henchman at Tanelorn is the always excited Matt Cole and among the other players there you might also be lucky enough to meet the world famous Conrad as well.

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