Thursday, 30 June 2016

Why you lost.

After the recent (and very good) English GT I found myself doing something I dislike in general but really annoys me in gaming and that's whining.
It's something I try to avoid but occasionally catch myself doing (before you say it ranting and whining are completely different things). I I lose a a game as I have been known to do from time to time, I try and take it on the chin, learn from it, and then move on. This doesn't always go as planned and I find myself sounding like a spoilt brat who didn't get the right colour pony.

So I'm going to try and run through some common whines that I've used and heard and explain why they're total bollocks.

1) My deck hated me... Basically you didn't get the cards you wanted when you wanted. Well that's why you have a control hand, if you made a plan without the resources to carry it out it was always a bad plan.

2) THEIR deck hated me. If you're opponent is hitting all their TNs and it feels like they're always flipping high for damage then good for them, there's a good chance they were magically in the right position to use this "luck" ignoring the fact that they have the same number of cards as you and the same chance of flipping what they need. Too often the player whose worked hardest and not relied on luck will seem the luckiest.

3) Nothing decent in my hand. So don't use it to cheat then, go defensive, focus your attacks and use your head to stay out of trouble. You know at the beginning of a round what cards you have so work out how best to use them.

4) That model is OP! And so what? Its  not going to sneak up on you is it? Do your research, read up before you run off and play. Look at strong models and think "if this comes up how would I stop it?" Then when it comes up at the start of a game ( the very start before you deploy you know what you are facing remember) have a plan.

5) This model in so underpowered! This one is very simple, stop moaning and use something else. There's plenty to choose from.

I think I'll leave it the but there are plenty more whines that float around and like I said as much as I dislike them I just as guilty of them. But really we shouldn't do it because it disrespectful to your opponent. It make you sound like a brat and most importantly its REALLY annoying.

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