Thursday, 2 June 2016

Guild balls up - Match report.

Fishermen vs Union 
Conor vs Peter

Warning this is more like a rough overview than a proper report as I have no memory or the will to put that much effort in.

Now this is a rematch that's been played a few times me and Conor have faced off 3 or 4 times each time his slippery fish have gotten the better of me but now with unstoppable Mist called up for the Union I was hoping for a better result.

Union (the good guys... Well we're OK)

Fishermen (I'm just saying they look shifty, you shouldn't trust them)

I got to kick off and chose Hemlocke to do the honours, she managed to kick straight and lodge the ball up against a convenient rock.
Out runs Jac who grabs the ball and lays it off to Gutter who skips along with possession.
Hemlocke smells fishy Gutter coming and lobs a blind to hold her up.
True gutter sprints up but can't get close enough to do much. Blackheart  runs off after Greyscales and Decimate holds the back line.
Fishy Gutter drops the ball in favour of taking a few swings at her mirror self... Blood everywhere Proper Gutter and Hemlocke have taken lots of damage.

Shark feeling left out runs up grabs the ball hits Honest Gutter guts her dodges away, back flips into a double pike and slams the ball into the Union goal.

Fishermen 4 - 0 Union

Ball flies out and is grabbed by Decimate. Trouty Gutter finishes off Princess Gutter

Fishermen 6 - 0 Union

In a rage Blackheart barrels into Greyscales and due to the tears in his eyes from seeing Mrs Gutter torn apart he managed to fluff attacks and not do more than a flesh wound to the old man.

Hemlocke took this as an excuse to leg it and

try to hide from fish Fangtooth Shark took a dislike to decimate and went to let her know about it, relieving her of the ball in the process and taking a cheeky shot while he was there...

Fishermen 10 - 0 Union

The cowering Hemlocke was soon hunted down by the stinking Fangtooth and slapped through the floor.

Fishermen 12 - 0 Union

Over in a blink but as always great fun. Still finding me feet with Guild Ball but no excuse I was thoroughly out played by Conor from the first turn.

But next time I'll surprise everyone and only lose 12-4 (If I'm lucky)

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