Thursday, 16 June 2016

He's the re-animator, twisted re-animator.

So as most people know I'm a Resser player, but I've always steered clear of Nicodem. This was mainly because of how slow he looks to play and also the amount of models needed.

But no more, I'm now diving into the gentleman of the undead. Nicodem is my new master. Generally when I start a new master I just play them on repeat until something clicks. This time I'm going to try and share that process with everyone else.

I tend to do everything on a trial and error basis (emphasis on the error). The plan was to play a few games with the framework of what is my standard crew build and then adapt it to fit Nico as I progressed.

My first game looked like this.

Extraction: Take Prisoner, Leave Your Mark, Set Up, Mark For Death and Convict labour.
I chose to take Leave your mark and Mark for death. The thinking being that MFD would be simple to put on while around the Extraction marker and LYM would be good for when he pulled forward to reach the marker I could slip into the back lines.

I was up against Arcanists. More precisely Marcus.

I'm now going to run through my list and give a rough idea of why I took what.

-Maniacal laugh

Nico had a very simple job this game. Summon mindless - Summon a minion - Summon a minion - give out fast. Him doing this job would depend on his helpers setting things up for him but I was fairly sure he was up to the job.


Move around corpse markers and extend the immune to slow bubble.

-Corpse bloat

The grinning grave digger was in the list to do one thing, dish out corpse markers. Each turn he can reliably drop two corpse marker  ready to be turned into something useful.

Philip and the Nanny

Phil and Nan is an amazing model for summoners their job was to draw cards to feed into Nico.

Rogue Necromancy

The necro has two jobs. One look scary. Two kill things.(turns out it did neither this time) I was going to send him in to sit on the extraction marker and eat whatever got in range.


The punk had one main job which was to feed scheme markers to Phil and Nan. A side task is to act as a tiny meat shield should anything decide to rush Phil and Nan.

Two Crooligans

The crooligan were there to hide and run schemes.

Obviously along side this there was the wave after wave of undead waiting to be summoned.
From these I was planing on a couple of hanged and punk zombies doing the killing while shikome flew through the gaps running schemes where needed.

So what happened in the game...

I got smashed 10-3! 1vp from LYM and 2vp from Extraction.
I was quite happy with how the summoning engine worked, with phil and nan drawing cards and Mort puking up corpses I managed to keep up a high rate of solid summons including two hanged and two shikome in the first two turns.

So despite the result the first game with Nico was fun and really action packed. It's going to take some time to find the happy medium between how I like to play and how Nico wants to be played and also I'll need to get the speed right up before I take him to any events but I think with a bit of work me and Mr Nicodem could be good friends.

Thanks for reading, be lucky!


  1. I have recently tried Nicodem as well, after avoiding him for ever since I started rezzers. Him being THE iconic rezzer I thought to give him a chance.

    Quickly I found out that the default playstyle of summonx2 + fast feels very boring to me. It became better when I added a Rogue Necromancy because of some ranged thread, but trying a game without summoning got me more enthousiastic.

    I think Nico can be fun and powerful, but he's a trap to just summon with him. Anyways, just sharing, and letting you know I will be following your forage into Nico territory with interest!

  2. Cheers.

    Nico's summoning does become its own little storm, and its easy to get drawn into just a summon-athon but I agree thats a trap. Summon when needed and save cards for the rest of the crew if not.