Thursday, 1 October 2015

Aren't we all just GREAT

Okay you'll know how this works by now so I'll just get straight into my ranting trousers and get going.

I'm going to start by holding my hands up and admitting that I'm as guilty of the issue in today's rant as anyone and up until now I thought I was in the right.

The malifaux community. This is a phrase you'll hear a lot on forums, twitter, Facebook and podcasts and we'll all agree it's great. A great groups of players, great events and great support. All just GREAT!

But I've started to see our little malifaux commune mirroring issues from the wider world and it isn't making me feel quite as warm and fuzzy as it used to. It feels like it's getting toxic.

Let begin by pointing out Malifaux is a very young scene, not in the age of the players but in the time it's existed. There are people who have been with this game since the beginning and have paved the way for the rest of us which we should all appreciate but with anyone whose seen something grow these people can hold a false sense of ownership over the game. The amount of "back when I started..." And "I remember in 1st ed..." Is growing with each new wave of players and I can only see it holding the game back when it should be looking forward.

The recent release of GWs Age of Sigmar has seen a lot of new players making the switch to Malifaux and what should have be seen as a great serge of new life and ideas is seen as an invasion. Instead of welcoming these new players we've complained that they won't get our idilic little community and god forbid that they try and change things to how they think they will work.
Turn on the news and you'll see twats like EDL and UKIP saying "fuck off we're full" and "we must protect our way of life" then turn turn on twitter and see "tournament must be like this" or "we don't want this to turn it to 40k" massively different levels of wrong but they have parallels.

All that talk about tournaments must be x to attracted y players is fucking nonsense anyway. We're a bunch of grown ups if someone wants a relaxed two round event with cake and kittens let them do it. If some else wants a intense eight round death clocked event with no talking and no breaks let them. It doesn't affect you unless you want to go.

As a group, as a game and as individual player we need to pull our heads out of our arses and start looking to the future. I'd love to see malifaux grow massive to find it's own way and make test it's own limits and it can't do that if we try and lock it in some ivory tower to keep it away from "those sorts of gamers".
We need to stop being little busy bodies peering over our hedges at the peasants and judging them as they're not one of us.

Well bollocks to that we need to kick down the walls, learn what we can and change where we should.

To put my money where my giant flapping hole of a mouth is I want to hear everyone's and anyone's ideas for something new something different. We've all go our own unique experiences lets fucking use them. The best new idea gets a prize, I've got no idea what but I'll find something and get it to you.

We step up and step forward together as one or we fall piece by piece and have nothing left but "do you remember when..."


  1. How different you thinking?

    Team game

    4 players per team

    3 players (Commanders) control units of their choosing, 1 player acts as the General

    Crews will be 35SS that must contain 1 Master, 1 Henchman, 1 Enforcer, 2+ Minions and 1+ Peons

    Players with fewer models will get 1 'pass' for every model fewer than their opponent's that they control (a pass can be used to perform no action on your turn)

    Each player will face off against an opponent on a normal 3' x 3' map

    Deployment is standard, strategy is X, schemes are Y & Z (TBC)

    Each side will activate alternatively, with side A completing their turn on all 3 battlefields, then side B.

    Before the activation of a side the General will hand each Commander an order card (from the selection below), which the controlling player will then try to achieve on their turn.

    If an order is successfully completed that card is returned to the general and able to be reissued next turn, if not that card is discarded.

    At the end of the game the teams will score bonus points equal to the number of cards left in the General's command -20, for a maximum bonus of 10 points. Negative points are possible to obtain.

    Commander cards are:
    Kill a Master
    Kill a Henchman
    Kill an Enforcer
    Kill a Minion
    Kill a Peon
    Activate a Master
    Activate a Henchman
    Activate an Enforcer
    Activate a Minion
    Activate a Peon
    Attack 3 times
    Attack 2 times
    Attack 1 times
    Move 3 times
    Move 2 times
    Move 1 time
    Cast 3 times
    Cast 2 times
    Cast 1 time
    Use a 1 AP ability (not attack or cast)
    Use a 2 AP ability (not attack or cast)
    Use a 3 AP ability (not attack or cast)
    Use two 1 AP abilities (not attack or cast)
    Use three 1 AP abilities (not attack or cast)
    Use a zero action
    End activation in cover
    End activation in open
    Advance a model over the centre line
    Drop a scheme marker
    Remove a scheme marker

  2. Reverse slow grow! A slow regress as it were. Start at 60ss, finish at 40ss. Make it fun.

  3. I love the idea that was put up by a Warhammer Fantasy Podcast that called for a "tournament of terribleness." You make a crew - in the case of Malifaux - with some of the weakest options you can imagine, and the you put all of the crews in a hat and draw what Crew you will be playing for the tournament. Obviously, this requires an immense amount of trust between gamers, so it might not happen anywhere but the basement - AND it slightly defeats the purpose of choosing crews during game set up, but hell its a pretty fun sounding way to play to me.

  4. I haven't forgotten about this, just forgot to press publish on the comment...

    All great ideas I'll find some sort of prize for the 3 of you (warning it will be a tacky little prize of some sort dont get your hopes up)

    email me your address to wyrdcapital at gmail dot com and I'll sort it out.

  5. I haven't forgotten about this, just forgot to press publish on the comment...

    All great ideas I'll find some sort of prize for the 3 of you (warning it will be a tacky little prize of some sort dont get your hopes up)

    email me your address to wyrdcapital at gmail dot com and I'll sort it out.