Monday, 12 January 2015

New Years Resolutions

Well, it's that time of year. Time to make promises that will never be kept. THIS year I will definitely make use of that gym pass. I'll eat healthy, study harder in my spare time, and save the world from poverty. ... Resolutions are hard. We always go in with the best of intentions. Often we are delusional or denying our own personalities when we make these resolution. Therefore when it comes to Malifaux for 2015, I'd like to think of the following more as goals than resolutions. Things I will aim to do rather than anything I can promise. With that caveat, here are my goals for 2015:

1) End the year in the UK top 50 (Malifaux Rankings). People needed 4 solid showings to make the top 50 this year. Think it will be even harder for 2015 so will probably need to end in the top 3rd of 4 events (just a guess, hard to say in advance). Also now that their are faction rankings up I would also like to end up in the Neverborn top 10.

2) Use someone other than Dreamer in a tournament game

3) Only use painted models in tournaments

4) Play in at least two large tournaments (League of Extraordinary Henchman for sure. Hopefully UKGT. Probably more)

5) Paint Lynch and Viktoria crews to decent standard

6) Try new painting techniques to improve painting quality (same with basing. Thinking about trying water effects for Viktorias)

7) Have playable crews for multiple Neverborn Masters (Dreamer is done. Lynch crew is partially built. Pandora, Lucius and Zoraida are in the planning stages)

8) Win a tournament (this is the hardest one and the one most out of my control, but you gotta set some tough calls. Shoot for the stars and all that...)

9) Continue to keep the blog at two posts a week (with the goal of contributing one article myself most weeks)

10) Finish Dreamer tactica (At least the 6 parts I have planned. Currently working on Part 3 still..)

11) Help create London tournament scene. Although Peter (Dr Walnut) is our local henchman and the main onus behind our tournament plans for 2015, I would like to blog team as a whole to be involved in creating more of a competitive scene in London. We did a great job in 2014 getting people started in the game, now it is time to work on establishing at least a couple London events in the year.

12) Get the Abnormalifaux crew organized into a proper team. Need to get organized with shirts, team wooden spoon, etc. Since we all play together already it shouldn't be too tough, but like the idea of being official like all the other cool teams out there.

13) Start my "(insert Master here) after 5" articles series. This is my series of articles I am planning on writing for Masters other than Dreamer. I have currently only played Dreamer more than a couple times. I am planning on writing an article on each master I collect after I have played 5 games with them. I feel like this is enough games to make some initial reaction without it being too messed up by a small sample size. Obviously these articles will be focused on first impressions rather than a detailed analysis like my work on Dreamer. First up will either be Viktorias or Lynch depending on who I decide to focus on first this year (outside of tournaments, where I will still be using Dreamer).

I think that is a pretty solid set of goals for 2015. We shall see how many of them I actually achieve. Hope everyone else successfully achieves there 2015 goals/plans as well.  Happy New Year!

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