Thursday, 8 January 2015

It's 2015, technically.

I thought I'd take a bit of time to talk about my malifaux plans for 2015. The fact that I have any plans for 2015 is a surprise to me as to be honest I'm not known for my forward planning.

I'll start with my henchman type plans, the largest of those is to TO my first tournament. 
With a lot of much needed help from my the rest of the Abnormalifaux crew and also from my friendly neighborhood games store I'm looking to run my first ever tournament and if things go well hopefully it'll be the first of many.

I can't go into full details yet but it'll be soon and it'll be announced here first.
If you've looked at the Malifaux event calendar or live anywhere near London you'll know that for such a major city it has an incredibly poor competitive scene. This is something I aim to change. 
London is lucky enough to have several gaming clubs that play malifaux and plenty more just outside it's borders. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say you could round up a hundred plus players within an hours journey of the centre of London. So that is my second plan for the new year, bring together the London clubs and players. I obviously don't mean a hostile takeover but I plan to set up a platform for the various London clubs to communicate, get to know each other and build the London community.
So with that in mind the first step was to set up Wyrd Capital a facebook group for London Malifaux players - Wyrd Capital

Running more demos is also high on my list. It's a part of henchman-ing that I enjoy but haven't had a chance to do to much of lately especially one on one demos. I've arranged  a couple of demo nights before which are great but when you get more than a handful of players it's hard to really show anyone the great little wonders of this game.

A short campaign is also on the cards in the summer. Four games or so for a group of players with each result effecting the next game. Not too much planned for this yet but it should be a fun few weeks of gaming.

As a player.

I'm aiming to become a technically better player, one of my major problems is I lack an attention to detail which leads to sloppy mistake on the table. From forgetting triggers and abilities to make "that'll do" movements that leave me in bad positions. 
So for this year I'm going to focus on one master with a small pool of models to hire from and try to learn fully how to use them. The master is question will be Seamus as he seem a fun and fairly straight forward master (plus a totem with that damage spread is amazing).

As a hobbyist 

I'm aim to become a better painter once again on a technical level. I can produce a finish model that looks good but it involves a lot of covering up of mistakes and Finding shortcuts here and there. 
So I've been setting myself challenges to push myself as a painter. Most recently it has been to paint tartan to improve my brush control, all the fine lines in contrasting colours means I really need to be neat and precise.

The next challenge will be colour control, getting a smooth and even colour then building up from a good base. 
My current idea for this is to paint the Hoffman set but with out using any metallic paints which should be interesting.

I think that is for me for 2015, I may even try and win a game or two somewhere along the way but let's not set our sights too high.

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