Monday, 26 January 2015

Learning from League of Extraordinary Henchmen

I went to Coalville along with Insidiously Mad for my first big tournament, League of Extraordinary Henchmen. It was a challenge to pit myself and my Arcanist crew against Factions which provoke me to paralyse and blast everything in line of sight with Raspy. Not that I need much provocation.

Most games didn’t turn out the way I would have wanted them to as I am still learning my own crew. I learnt so much about other model's (Witchling stalker's condition removal abilities are so annoying!) and there were a few priceless moments (distracting the eponymous insidious madness with Wendigo being one of them :p).

All my adversaries were as gentlemanly as henchmen can be - thank you to everyone who I played against and who made me feel so welcome.

I didn't take any notes during the game but here are a few highlights and things that I have learnt through one game or more.

What I learnt:
  • My scheme choices weren’t so hot.

i.e. Don’t rely on Leviticus sticking around for long enough to deliver a message to him.
i.e. Snowstorm may look to me like a big juicy blueberry to devour but he is not so appealing to my foe if frame for murder is in the scheme pool and they have other schemes that aren’t kill-y.
  • I was too hasty in deploying from the shadows. No one is going to let an acolyte live if it is within spitting distance of their deployment zone (plus it is going to drop a head upon demise with none of my models remotely close to be able to pick it up).

  • Don’t be afraid to hit your own crew members for the greater good of the crew as it might not affect them anyway. e.g. with Snow Storm's Ice Tornado blasts. This action pushes Frozen heart models 3" in any direction and inflicts no damage on them. (Special thanks Martin Wodehouse for the awesome action tutorial).

  • Take note of how many points the other player is scoring once their schemes become revealed.

  • Don't think I've lost before I actually lose.

  • I am pretty good at murder protege and protect territory.

  • I really like extraction and turf war. Perhaps they suit my play style the most, so with other strategies I need to be more wary about heading into the fray.

  • Dragging snipers off roofs is fun.

Those are my thoughts for now. See you around, perhaps at Vappa on the weekend in York.

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  1. Raspy loves turf war all those delicous targets close together ;)

    I am also at Vappa with my 10T girls and boys please be gentle :)