Monday, 5 September 2016

Lets go Wild.

A brief post to go with a brief break from the wonders of Malifaux I've been painting up something different lately which I thought I'd share.

Earlier in the year I backed a Kickstarter for Wild in the Streets, a low model count skirmish game based around youth couture and street gangs.

As soon as I saw the miniatures pop up on corehammer's facebook page I was in. Great character filled sculpts that you could easily relate to. For me there was no choice it had to be the skinhead gang, I could see how I was going to paint them as soon as I looked at them

A few months later the kickstarter showed up correct and on time (a small miracle compared to some I've heard about)

A great set of models I painted them up straight away and here they are

Don - The gang leader, ready for a day down the footie.
 Maggie - Who can just be part of it or step up a lead it as well.

Skin 1 - I'll call him Grant.

  And finally Skin 2 - Let's call him Phil

Now the gangs all painted up fingers crossed I should be able to get a game or two in. The rules look simple enough even for me to pick up Quick Start Rules  Thinking it'll be a cool game to play with a few mates over drinks and really hurl some (friendly) abuse at each other across the table.

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