Thursday, 28 January 2016

Welcome to Malifaux tournament quick run down.

Down in sunny Hockley at the magic land that is Wayland games I recently took part in a small very fun event called welcome to malifaux.

The idea is to run a beginner friendly event for some of the new converts to our fine game.

The rules were three round of forty soulstones with fixed master and a hiring and summoning pool of sixty soulstones. First round is beginners versus beginners and veterans versus veterans.

First up after a spot of breakfast and a tea was round I took Seamus and some other ressers against lilith with a nephilim based list in recon.

I got taken apart by a charming fella called Paul, great start to the day lots of fun moments which mainly involved me missing every attacks. (it shouldn't take 3 rounds for Seamus to kill a terror tot). The game ended with me losing nine to two.

Lunch and two more teas it was time for game two.

This was turf war against the famous girl or many names Claire (Eless, cookie bringer etc) this time Mah Tucket was against the hatter. The rogue necro and gremlin wrestler had a smack down in the middle of the table which was soon joined by sybelle and Mah and leaving just Mah and her massive spoon standing. Seamus jumped about the edges picking off lone gremlins.
Ended seven to five to me but could of swung either way.

More tea then game three

My third and final game was against Tony with the Viks in Reckoning (shit my have been my first word)
I tried to start the killing spree early by canoning off the Viks turn before the end of turn two. This was great for about two seconds before frame for murder was revealed and the killjoy popped out. So three points down and a killjoy to the face. But after much killing and some necropunk leaping I managed to claw out a five to two victory.
I will say this was despite the carnage one of the most fun games of Malifaux I've had and if there had been a vote Tony would of got my best sport without question.

I finish the day on seventh and full of tea so I'm happy.

People won and other stuff happened but I can't remember everything.

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