Monday, 30 November 2015

Rebels & Rioters - Stats.

The results from Rebels & Rioters were sitting about so I decided to see what information I could pull from them.

I'm going to put up the charts with minimal comment (minimal not none I like prattling on too much for none). This is so that people can use them to draw their own conclusions.

The figure are fairly simple but twenty players is a fairly small field to draw any real averages from.

First up is the breakdown of faction.

Archanists were the biggest showing and Gremlins were the lowest.

Next up tournament points by faction.

Neverborn are are clearly the strongest faction here, the single gremlin players throws the levels off for them slightly.

Victory points by faction

This is a bit more even. It gives you a better idea of the strength of gremlins. 

Lastly victory point difference.

This one I think shows how good (filthy) Neverborn are. 

Once again these are a simple set of charts pulled from a small group. They are here more as an interesting aside. Try and enjoy them I don't want five hundred messages about how great gremlins are or how Neverborn aren't really broken.


  1. Gremlins are great, but neverborn are indeed filthy and broken ;-)

  2. Nice stats! Fun to look at the tournament this way.
    We had a tournament previous week, where Neverborn had a strong showing as well (3 in top 4). Winner being purple as well.