Monday, 23 November 2015

Rebels & Rioter - Recap

Saturday I ran Rebels & Rioters a small friendly tournament at Dark Sphere in London designed to give the players that couldn't make nationals something to do.

The podium was full of local players first place Marcus Rose , Second place Borja Fontes and third Ian Johnston.

Best painted went to James Henley
Best sport went to Andy Bradshaw (which is a huge achievement when you run THREE rooster riders)

Well done to everyone for making it a great day and thank you all for coming and not asking too many rules questions.

Other than the main event there was also a small side competition. Rebels versus Rioters at registration players were split into two teams and the strategy points from each team were added up to give us a winning team which was the mighty Rebels.

Later in the week I should be able to upload some stats and facts from the day. Also some points that I'd enjoy discussing from the day.

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