Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Something new

As I've previously mentioned I've decided to start a new master this year and the fella in question is Seamus.

On paper the man in the hat looked fun and straight forward which is just what I wanted. So first step was to pick up the box set and get building.

The models were nice to build nothing too awkward or fiddley. The belles had some thin joints and Sybelle had a massive joint in the middle of her chest but other than that I enjoyed the process.

Painting comes next and have to say that I was looking forward to it. I'd seen a few different colour schemes for Seamus and wanted to steer away from the traditional green. A blue and yellow check seemed to fit the bill.

I'm the first to admit that I'm not the greatest painter but I do what I can. The belles and Sybelle were fun and quick to do but if anyone had told me a couple of years ago when I started painting that I would be slapping paint on frilly dresses and umbrellas I would of said they were crazy.

The Copy cat was less of a joy to paint but mainly due to lack of patience on my part his smug little face seemed to refuse to take a highlight properly.

Pop the lot on to some cork and flock bases and we were good to go.

Now I've had two games with the back alley man and I'm starting to get a feel for him. This for me mainly happens from making lots of silly mistakes until I find a comfortable play style.

First game was 40ss against Mei Feng and crew which meant Kang swinging his shovel around and Mei kicking my belles in the teeth.
It was a close game which I came second. The main problem was trying to use Seamus as a summoner to get more belles on the table which he can do but belles don't score me any VP. 

The second game was against Marcus and Seamus was mainly used to draw attacks while BĂȘte and Sybelle went on a killing spree. This was fun even if it was another loss (mainly due to silurids leaping around the table dropping markers).

My view of Seamus so far is that he is a fast fun master who may be better at single shot killing minions  and the vanishing than he is at killing big targets. Which is fine Sybelle seems okay at wiping out the heavy hitters.

I'll try a few more games and let you know what other mistakes I make and hopefully what else I learn along the way.


  1. Great work on those models, I like the coat pattern. Simple but effective, painting anything like that scares the crap out of me. Fear of getting it so, so wrong.

  2. The pattern on the coat was really simple but add a bit of style to a fairly simple colour scheme. I did a tartan pattern on Mortimer awhile a go which was a similar idea just more colours.

    Worse case if you get it wrong just start again.