Thursday, 18 December 2014

Winter's Touch

My first game with Tara was always going to be a tough one. I knew enough to do the Tara-Bomb and not really much else. I was also facing off against Pippa's Rasputina crew. I know enough about the ice witch to know that she can knock your face off, but is pretty slow.

This game was played some time back but I remember enough of it to be useful.

Tara vs Rasputina 26SS
Strategy - Reckoning
Schemes - Tara (break through and make them suffer) Raspy (Assassinate and ?)
Standard deployment

Tara + Knowledge of Eternity and Obliteration Symbiote
2 x belles

Rasputina + improved ice mirror upgrade
Ice golem
December acolyte
Ice gamin (or 2?)

We were playing on an outdoor themed table with a relatively large forest just off centre on my right flank. There was a pond on the left flank just outside Raspy's deployment zone. I had a building near mine and various other walls and small forests.

Rasputina was deployed on the left side of the board to navigate round the pond. She had wendigo near her. The gamin and golem were set up to run down the right side of the forest and the acolyte hid behind the building.

I decided to stay as far away from Raspy as possible. Figuring I could score break through and make them suffer on the golem side of the board.

It begins
Tara kicked off and made a belle first, she did the same to Izamu and glimpsed him into the void. Poof and he was gone. She walked along up towards the gamin. The wendigo danced along up the board. The fast belle moved forward twice and dragged Tara along for the ride with her seductive walk. The acolyte realised that the crew was moving away from her so she made a move towards the belles. And the last belle slipped round the forest too.

The Ice Golem through the gamin down field and then took a little walk that way too. Tara then had her second action and charged the gamin. Killing it in the process and bringing out Izamu. The now fast ancient warrior then charged down the golem. Knocking him down enough wounds to seriously panic Pippa.

The ice witch could only slowly walk along the board and hope to get there eventually.

I realised at this point that Tara did not get any points for make them suffer due to it being turn 1. Read the damned card you fool!

Turn 2
Knowledge of Eternity won the initiative. Tara decided to forgo two turns and let Izamu smash the golem into little pieces. She then proceeded to walk forwards and drop a marker.

The acolyte ended up amidst the belles (probably from lure) and thankfully forgot about his ability to remove hard to wound. The Wendigo was heading up the far side of the forest to get a mirror going and Rasputina was trying to get close enough to set up a mirror.

Turn 3
Tara planted another token, buried Izamu and walked back towards the belles to give a hand. One of the belles lured Tara closer. Rasputina took a chance and fired at the melee. She hit a belle got lucky and let off a huge blast. Killing a belle in the process and damaging Tara and the other belle. She took another shot and killed the other belle. Damn it, that's a reckoning point, at 26 SS that is hard to come by and something I was hoping she wouldn't get.

Tara goes again, brings out Izamu and then walks off to try close down the Wendigo. Izamu finishes off the acolyte.

Turn 4
This is an important one. Rasputina knows she can go for an ice mirror to hit Tara or try take down the Izamu that was heading her way. Of course Rasputina wins initiative...even with Knowledge of Eternity. She uses the ice mirror and only just manages to kill Tara. Since playing this game I have discovered that Tara gets +2 DF versus CA actions...lesson learned! I have not forgotten that ever since. Oh and Rasputina had assassinate. Grumble.

Izamu dashes forward and starts chopping up Rasputina. She survives. Just. The belle marches forward towards Raspy and the deployment zone.

Turn 5
Rasputina wins iniative and fails to kill Izamu. He does not fail to kill her. Belle drops a scheme marker. By now the Wendigo is finishing off my other scheme markers.

Turn 6
More scheme markers go down.

Final outcome 
2 - 4 VP
I lost on scheme selection here. If I had read make them suffer properly I would have left it for something better. If I had read Tara's card once more she might have stayed on the table. Either way this was a great game and Pippa reminded me just how bad ass Rasputina was. My initial instinct to avoid her as much as possible was probably the right one.

The belles were useful as ever. Izamu hits pretty damned hard and he was a good choice for the Tara bomb. I did not get enough opportunities for Tara to go twice. Since playing her again she probably had enough damage to take the last few wounds off the Golem and I might have risked it in turn 2, it would have given me a VP for make them suffer.

Interestingly enough, I generally avoid assassinate but in quite a few games I have managed to take down the master I might consider it more often with Tara than I would with Kaeris.

Next game I take on some guild.

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