Monday, 8 December 2014

Insidious plans for AbnorMALifaux

Hello everyone! I wanted to start out with the introduction to Dreamer post since that is a better example of the kind of articles I am planning on writing for the blog. However, I still wanted to write a shorter, broader post on what my personal plans are concerning the blog. The main contribution I currently have planned is the Sweet Dreams Dreamer Tactica. I have already posted the first part of this but wanted to talk about my plans for the tactica. I currently have a 6 part plan for Sweet Dreams:

Part 1 as already posted covers Dreamer advice for beginners

Part 2 will cover the Dreamers base card. This will be a substantial article as I want to go in depth into some of the important actions/abilities on Dreamers basecard as they are obviously hugely important to running him successfully.

Part 3 will be on the Restless Dreams upgrade and Chompy. I feel like it is important to cover the two limited upgrades separately since they lead to a vastly different playstyle for Dreamer. Also I find many articles/posts on Dreamer kind of gloss over Chompy and the Restless Dreams option which I don’t really think is fair. Although Chompy comes into play without the Restless Dreams upgrade, he is not as central to the playstyle of Dreams of Pain dreamer and therefore I thought it was worth covering him here.

Part 4 will cover Dreams of Pain. I plan on delving into all the models you can summon and when/why I like to summon them. As well I will talk about first-turn summons, how I personally manage the waking condition, how many daydreams/soulstones to have to support the engine and more.

Part 5 will cover all the non-limited upgrades that Dreamer can access, what I think of them, and if/when I would recommend using them. I will also list some of my favourite Dreamer builds.

Finally Part 6 will cover Alps and Daydreams. These are the only models Dreamer can summon regardless of his upgrade path. Daydreams are central to Dreamers playstyle and they deserve a specific article devoted to them and all the tricks and tips for utilizing them to their full extent. I feel like everyone underestimates Alps and I would like to give my comments on them as well as I believe they do have a key, if rather niche, role they play in a dreamer crew.

Depending on how reception is to the Tactica and how I am finding the process I may continue on past Part 6, but the above 6 parts will be the first wave of the tactica. I may go more deeply into specific tactics after, such as which models to hire for which strats/schemes or which schemes I like with Dreamer. Alternatively, I may write more articles like the dreamer base card article and the Daydreams article where I go in depth into specific models. Again this will all depend on reader feedback and the time/energy I have in the New Year.

Outside of the Sweet Dreams Tactica, I am planning on writing some articles about my experiences trying out other masters (Pandora and Jacob Lynch specifically will be getting lots of attention in the New Year). I also plan on being more heavily involved in the UK tournament scene in 2015 and will be covering my experiences and the lessons I learn after each tournament. I will also be posting articles on things I like about Malifaux, things I don’t like, and things I can’t get a handle on; this may be model-specific or broader based commentary. Hopefully as 2015 goes along and I become more involved in Malifaux I will eventually have some other insights into what is worth writing about. I am always happy to take suggestions though, as it’s always enlightening to see what other people are interested in reading about. 

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