Thursday, 25 February 2016

What's (Lost) love (4) got to do with it.

Second tournament of the year for me, once again down at Wayland Games in Hockley. Lost Love 4 the annual event run by Dave "Mr TO" Brown. For those that haven't been Lost love is a 45ss fixed master event with a 70ss hiring pool.

I took the plucky young reporter Molly with a pool of horrors and spirits. As I take a fairly static list with Molly the pool restriction wasn't an issue for me. I took my usual horror Molly list with a few spirits in the pool in case I wanted to run Spirit Molly (something I always want to do but never get around to). I also put a few Belles in the pool so people would think I was cool and knew what I was doing but I didn't hire one all day.

I really enjoyed the event last year despite taking home the (very handsome) wooden spoon. So I was keen this year to use Lost Love as a test to see how, or if I've progressed.

So after a quick tea it was time for registration, this may have taken a bit longer than expected due to a last minute surge in tickets there were 33 of us there excited to push some toys around. (Odd number meant there was a buy but you can't have everything)

So once registered we got to got to see what we were working with... GG16 the new tournament scheme set for the year. I'll get my GG16 review out the way now, despite not really understanding most of them I like the changes made to the schemes and I think they should have a positive impact on the game.
So game 1. Interference with a selection of schemes I can't remember verses a chap named Craig running Lady (resser bane) Justice. Now despite me having a summoner in interference I didn't do very well. I lost my mighty rogue necro turn 2 to Lady J and my attempt to drown her in punk zombies just saw me lining up things for her to squish with and no real effort. I had Covert breakthrough with I managed to do but not much else. Ended in a loss for me and I brief image of another spoon flashed before my eyes. Despite the loss it was a fun game and a good first swing at the new schemes.

Quick break for a world famous wayland lunch, cup of tea and a chat then onto round 2.

This time it was squatters rights corner deployment with more schemes I can't remember. I took leave your mark and new out flank. Against one of my locals Ross who was running Seamus.

Fun game but in an effort to get the most out of a belle pounce Seamus and the girls bunched up  a bit too much meaning I could drop a bag of punk zombies on them while rogue and necropunks scored for mark and squatters. So many models were summoned then killed, summoned then killed I lost count but it ended in a win for me.

Tea, chat and a kitkat. Then it was time for round 3.

This time we had head hunter I took mark and convict labour. Against guild Lucius and a fella called Paul (I think, sorry if I'm wrong)

We were set up on the new circus table and it was a joy to look at but a little slippy on the mat.

I took a lesson from the last game and sent the necro team off scheming while Molly run up the middle to fling some punks around. It worked well in keeping the shooty Lucius list tied up while I grabbed some VP.
It was another great game and one I'd be happy to face again maybe when my opponent doesn't have the Lucius handicap. (Sorry any Lucius fans but he just doesn't quite work.)

More tea chat tactics with fellow DS player and travel buddy Francois... Final round called and I'm playing fellow DS player and travel buddy Francois.

We had turf war I took hunting party and convict labour. It was Molly verses Guild McMourning (yes guild again).
It's safe to say I was never in danger of winning this game turn 2 I'd lost rogue and a necropunk and everyone bar Molly was in a bad shape. This didn't make it any less fun. I kept flinging out horrors until I at least got rid of the judge in a sea of black blood.

I lost something along the lines of 10-3 but it was a fun game and a great way to end the day.

If I'm honest I was really happy with how I played most of the day, I could of done better game one and game four I should of gone for the quick kills instead of going after the judge but it's always easier in hindsight. I did massively better than I did last year.

You can find the final standing and thing on the forums (probably) But the import one you need to know I can 18th. 1st place was Mr Mark Elwood 2nd Mr Mike Marshal and I can remember any of the rest other than Francois was 7th.

Well done to everyone who was there, thanks to my opponents, Dave and also the fellas at Wayland. This defiantly goes into my top rated events.
If I have anything wrong or missed anything forgive me I only managed half a dozen cups of tea so I was running on empty. Feel free to correct me in the comments.


  1. Peter, your opponents were Craig Woods, Ross Baker & Tom Nickerson.

    Results here:

  2. Cheers! At least someone knows what's going on