Monday, 8 February 2016

Badluck & Blood in 2016

Well the last of the mince pies have been eaten (before I could even get my paws on them) and the decorations are away. A warm December has turning into a nasty January and I've done my 2015 Year in Review post already. 

Now on to 2016. New Year means New Faction, especially as the Abnormalifaux crew are running a slow grow. Very excited. One of the rules was that it had to be a completely new master, and fully painted. As I've done a year with TT I thought I could use Misaki. I haven't tried her yet. She is just sitting on the shelf painted and ready. Still, that felt a bit like I would be playing new comers with lots of models I knew well, just with a different master. That didn't seem fair. I thought about Lynch perhaps as Neverborn. I already have Mr Graves, Mr Tannen and 3 Terror Tots painted for him when I want to run him as Neverborn. This was tempting but there was a big problem. I hate the Hungering Darkness so I threw the model away and started converting a new one. There was no way it was going to be ready in time. 

Then an evil temptation struck me. I had an old metal Pandora box from a closing down sale. I could run one of the nastiest masters in the game. I almost got her as my first ever Malifaux Master, but stirred clear as she looked too complex. I couldn't resist it. Ok, the old metal model is awful and the old metal Candy is missing a hand, but hey I can live with that. 

I had a special edition Teddy I picked up at Salute so I actually had a lot of Neverborn stuff ready. I've got a Friekorp Trapper painted and ready to go as well. 

By Week 1 of the Slow Grow I was able to have acquired and painted Primordial Magic and Doppleganger. At kick off I had the following available and painted

Baby Kade
Primordial Magic
3 Terror tots
Mr Tannen
Mr Graves
An Illuminated
Freikorp Trapper

The Teddy wasn't ready in time. I haven't bothered to assemble the Sorrows. My paint job on Pandora is strange especially as I decided to badly re sculpt her hair. But all in all, I had the basis of a good selection for the first couple of league games. 

The first game was a great fun game against Dr Walnut running his Kirai list. He saw me put down Pandora and moaned about filthy Neverborn, then summoned a Hanged! As if a Resser Spirit Master is not utter filth in a 26ss game!!

Luckily it turns out Pandora is way, way more powerful than Yan Lo. I was impressed by her evil ways and actually won the game. That gave me a nice start to the year of Neverborn. 

I think Pandora has a lot of depth to learn and even more to master so I don't think I'll get tired of her and she is pretty damn good in most Strategies. i think I'm going to have a lot of fun with her. I'll try and finish off Lynch too to give me another option and if I come to a situation where she or Lynch don't work, well hey I can always pick up Dreamer.......


  1. Just as long as you understand that various people are now obliged by solemnly sworn oath to moan about you playing Pandora. ;-)

    1. Ha ha, they are already moaning, but since I'm a terrible player I frankly need the help - besides I've done my time with Yan Lo!

    2. Ha ha, they are already moaning, but since I'm a terrible player I frankly need the help - besides I've done my time with Yan Lo!