Thursday, 27 August 2015

Throw some London at it.

Warning this is the exact oppisite of my usual rant this is positive so may shock people coming from me.

Earlier in the year I spoke about my the state of the Malifaux scene in London and my hopes that it would grow.

 "If you've looked at the Malifaux event calendar or live anywhere near London you'll know that for such a major city it has an incredibly poor competitive scene. This is something I aim to change. 
London is lucky enough to have several gaming clubs that play malifaux and plenty more just outside it's borders. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say you could round up a hundred plus players within an hours journey of the centre of London. So that is my second plan for the new year, bring together the London clubs and players. I obviously don't mean a hostile takeover but I plan to set up a platform for the various London clubs to communicate, get to know each other and build the London community.
So with that in mind the first step was to set up Wyrd Capital a facebook group for London Malifaux players - Wyrd Capital"

Since then London has seen a huge growth in its Malifaux community, firstly no I'm not taking any credit for that it's all the work of various clubs, TO's and Henchman in and around the capital. For those of you who don't play Malifaux in London we have at least four different clubs playing regular Malifaux games, the club where I'm a henchman can have around fourteen or more players each week playing Malifaux. There have been four tournaments in London so far this year and there are at least four more coming up. This doesn't included the various leagues, campaigns and casual events happening. This when you look at the London scene a year ago is amazing and I wanted to use this post to say thank you to every player, shop, henchman and TO who has made this possible...

But I also wanted to use this post as a rallying cry for all those people to make sure they go out and show the rest of the Malifaux community how great we can be! Don't be content to just show up at your local, go out and meet the rest of the London 'faux, show up to events across the country on mass to represent London together. Its too easy in London to stick close to home, we have everything on our doorstep why travel? Travel to get better, to meet the other players, to show everyone that London Malifaux is only going to get bigger and better.

With the amount of fantastic people we have playing in the capital I don't want an event in London not to be sold out, I don't want an event to happen in the UK without a London showing.

So much work has gone into the Malifaux community in the past year I'd love to see it get even bigger if you're a London Malifaux player make yourself known if you play in a club, shop, at home or just on vassel stand up and be proud that your part of this amazing community.

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