Monday, 30 January 2017

Welcome to my nightmare... edition crew

Following on from last weeks progress report I have now finished the Dark Carnival This is just a quick post as there wasn't a huge amount left to work on.

No automatic alt text available.First up is the mechanical wonder that is the mannequin. I found this quite tricky to paint as the is so little detail but such character in its plainness that it was hard to know where to stop. I ended up just sticking to three colours and just trying to add some depth to each colour.

Next up and the final part of the box was Thin Lizzy. My least favourite model in the box and unfortunately painting it didn't improve my opinion of it. I won't go on and on about why as I've done that elsewhere but this model is at best meh. painting it I wanted to try a few things to see if I could manage them. I tried to add
some make up which for starters really changed my pinterest board for a while, and also is very hard to make it noticeable without it looking like clown make up. I also tried to add a lacy pattern to the corset, which looked fine on the first pass but got progressively worse as I tried to tidy it up. The skin tone on her is very pale as I wanted the hair and beard to really stand out.

So the crew is finally finished. I'm really happy with how they all turned out, there was plenty of trial and error when working on them and there are a few bits that I do completely differently if I had to do them again.
Any comments, advice, or critisium is always welcome. I'm still learning this painting stuff so always looking at what needs improving.

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By all reports I now need to add some coryphee and Angelica looks like a great model to paint so she may be on the painting table soon. Next one the painting queue is the arcane emissary, which I should hopefully remember to take picture of as I go as I'm going to try and make him a real focal piece of the new faction.

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