Thursday, 5 January 2017

Gaming Goals 2017.

I thought I'd take a minute to share my gaming goals for 2017, (GG17 for short. Nothing uses that already right?)

To add a bit of excitement into my goals I've decided to arrange them into a bingo. (idea shamelessly stolen from about a thousand other people on the interwebs).

So these are my 25 gaming goals. Most are self explanatory but that would make this a really short blog post, so I'll give them a quick run down.

Paint and play 10 games with 'tina, Marc, and Coop. Painting I can do but this will only count if it hits a minimum standard for where I want my painting to be this years. Playing that's at least 30 games of 'faux with three masters, I'll need to improve my focus to stick to thi... look a squirrel!

The new player, venue, club, and game are all there to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I'm the ideal mix of lazy and nervous to never do anything new unless forced.

Demo a new player and run an event are things I used to do but haven't in a while due to time constraints and selfishness so seems about time I gave something back.

Use a new painting technique and build a display board are fun challenges that will help me progress in the hobby.

Win a painting prize isn't in all honesty something I expect but it has to be a target to aim towards each year.

The actual tournament and ranking goals are varied in how difficult they'll be to achieve, don't win a spoon is I think a minimum target for this year everything after that will be a step up. If I can focus a bit more during games and improve my win rate to at least 1-2 wins per event I should steadily climb up the tables. Of course the higher I go the tougher the competition will be but that is sort of the point.

As a final word on my painting goals this model was my first painted of 2017 so he becomes my base standard for painting this year everything else has to be at least this level or preferably better.

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