Monday, 9 January 2017

2016 Resolutions: A Colossal Failure

It's 2017! And you know what the means?! It's time to look back at all our personal failings from 2016. Looking back at my resolutions from the start of last year and seeing how I did seemed like an appropriate post to start the New Year. Last year I did really well on my New Years resolutions, succeeding in 10 compared to failing only two. This year... well you'll see.

Gaming Resolutions: 
1) Get the Rainbow Badge
This one was not even close. Not only did I not get the Rainbow Badge. I didn't even attend enough events to get it if I had run a different faction at each event. Having only ever run Neverborn in events prior to 2016 I did manage to run Neverborn, Gremlins, Outcasts and Ten Thunders in events. Sadly due to only attending 6 events and not having any painted masters for the other three factions this goal was a failure. I also doubt I will make it a goal for next year, as I still haven't really got any interest in playing Guild, and I don't have the time or money for starting Ressurs. I will definitely be getting Arcanists added into the rotation this year, but I didn't really like taking just Viks to an event, as they don't really suit me, so I am not sure I will end up using Outcasts in an event again this year.

2) 10+ games played with all my masters.
When I made this goal I had 4 masters at 10+ games. By the end of 2016 I was up to 8 masters (All 7 Neverborn and the Viks). I only missed out on this goal by one Master, Mr Cooper, who I only managed to get one game played with. I ended up playing 7 Games with a Master I picked up after these resolutions (Ophelia) and if I had got her to 10 I prob could've justified this as a win, but oh well. As you will see in my painting goals, I didn't end up getting around to Dark Carnival in 2016 (which I have only finished building recently) so Cooper caused me to fail this. Still happy to have doubled my masters at 10+ games though.. maybe I should make my goal to get 4 masters past the 10 game threshold each year...

3) Take all my masters in a tournament game
This one was also quite close. If you swap Ophelia in for Cooper (as mentioned above) since she ended up jumping the quay, I actually took 8/9 Masters to events. I even took Zoraida and Lynch in events in each of their factions. The only exception was Lucius who I didn't manage to get painted in time for an event. Spoiler alert, he will be getting into a tournament game very shortly.. So although I failed I went from having only used 3 masters in an event to 8.. which is pretty good.

4) Play in at least 1 tournament in two non malifaux games (likely at Daffcon)
This was the only goal this year I truly smashed it out of the park. I played in events for Of Gods and Mortals, Frostgrave, Saga and Guildball at Daffcon (so four events in non-malifaux games). Furthermore, I attended 4 other Guildball tournaments, and even won my first Guildball tournament (and also my first best painted award) at Tanelorn. Sadly it wasn't entered into rankings, otherwise I would've ended the year in the UK top 50 for Guildball, which would've been cool. But it's nice to finally succeed at one of these..

Hobby Resolutions:
5) Have all my masters painted (and tournament ready)
Again Mr Cooper drags me down. I am giving myself a yellow on this as if you swap Ophelia in for Cooper I actually pass this. I was aiming to have 9 masters fully painted with tournament ready crews. In the end I had 10 painted masters, 9 of which were tournament ready (Marcus being the exception). So even though Cooper isn't painted I sorta kinda completed this goal.. I just pushed him behind a couple other masters...

6) End the year at 80% painted Malifaux models.
I was at 64% painted when I made this goal. I actually ended up climbing all the way up to 75% at one point and looking like 80 was possible. But then I managed to get ahold of the Titania box and a few more odd models which pushed me back down. In the end I was on 73% complete (125/171). Almost a 10% jump, but not quite what I was aiming for.. maybe next year..

7) Paint Guildball team
Yay! Another rare success. My Guildball team was fully painted quite a while back, and although I have added some more painted (and unpainted) models to the team since, I am very happy with completing this goal. I even managed to win a best-painted award with this team and take it to 5 events fully painted. Still really enjoying filling out the team and am currently working on Corsair, to be followed by Veteran Siren and the Hag when she is out.

8) Paint Saga force.
Pretty sure I haven't put any paint on these models since Daffcon. I tried and failed to get it done in time for Daffcon, though most of the models are basecoated at least now. Actually recently had my first game of Saga in about 6 months, which was quite fun. But I just am not playing it as much as Malifaux and Guildball so it's hard to justify hobby time on it compared to those two games.

9) Paint Bloodbowl team.
I don't think I put a spot of paint on this team this year. I ended up dropping out of the league I was in as life got too busy and I wasn't really enjoying bloodbowl much at the time. I hope to get them out to play again at some point, but again I am enjoying Guildball and Malifaux so much it's hard to want to paint stuff for other games. And Saga is definitely something I'd look to play more of before Bloodbowl.

10) Paint a centrepiece model that isn't for one of my competitive games (larger than 30mm based model)
And the failures keep rolling in... Don't think I even started a model for this. As of next year I will have at least 2 models that fit this category that I am desperate to paint, I just have to try and pry myself away from Guildball/Malifaux painting. Hopefully I can make good enough progress on those games over the next few months that I have time to do some of these other projects this year..

11) Watch/try a painting tutorial a month
I watched a couple.. but ya this another failure. I totally forgot I had even made this resolution, which is always a bad sign.

So ya, after a set of 2015 resolutions that went very well (10 successes, 2 failures, 1 other), 2016 was quite the failure (2 successes, 8 failures, 1 other). Had a really fun year and ended up playing quite a few games (despite my paltry amount of competitive games). My next couple articles will look back at my painting progress, review of my 2016 Malifaux games and at some point in the next month, my 2017 resolutions... Let's see if I can do better next year.

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