Wednesday, 25 January 2017

2017 Resolutions

Alright, finally had time to write up my New Years Resolutions for this year. Since we started the blog a couple years back this will be my third Resolutions post. 2015 was a smashing success and 2016 a rousing failure. So let's see how we do this time..

Gaming Resolutions: 
1) 4 more masters in 10+ game club
For anyone who knows me, it is not a surprise to know that I love nice round statistics. As I track all the games I play (at least which Master and if I won/lost) I noticed that in 2014-2015 I played 4 Masters 10+ times (Dreamer, Pandora, Lilith, Lynch). In 2016 4 more Masters jumped into the 10+ game club (Viktorias, Collodi, Zoraida, Lucius). Now this does not mean I played those 4 masters 10 times in 2016 (the only master I played 10+ times in 2016 alone was Collodi), rather it is referring to the fact that those were Masters I had played fewer than 10 games total with prior to 2016 who after 2016 I had played a total of 10+ games with. ... I think I made that sound more complicated than it needed to be... Anyway, this year I want to get another 4 masters past the 10+ game number. My current Masters under 10 games are Ophelia (7 games played), Shenlong (5), Marcus (2), Mr Cooper (2), Titania (1) and Misaki (0). So the likelihood is the 4 masters come from there but it could always be a new Master I add and fall in love with. Shenlong is very likely to be next to hit 10 games as I am painting him atm and can't wait to get him on the table.

2) Try 8 new Masters (inc Wrath)
I've currently played 13 Masters so this would be a pretty massive jump. Also the only "Masters" I own that I haven't played are Misaki and Wrath. So those will definitely be two of the 8. I really want to try out some Masters that I doubt I will pick up just to give them a game or two. Would especially like to borrow some Ressurs as they are the only faction I don't own any Masters of. Also I will prob try Philippa's 3 Masters since they are at home and thus accessible (Plus Raspy, Ironsides and Nellie are all quite different). This leaves me with a few others I'll need to borrow off someone else or proxy, but that shouldn't be a huge problem. This is a goal I will have to focus on but should definitely be doable.

3) Attend 10 ranked Malifaux eventsNow we start on a goal that I am not at all confident in. In 2015 I attended 13 ranked events... last year it was down to 6. This is partially due to qualifying for Masters from 2015 (so no LOEH in 2016), playing more Guildball, and also just personal life getting in the way (doing a musical in the spring took up a lot of my usual tournament weekends. This year I am aiming to get a bit closer to the number I attended in 2015.. Although 13 seems unlikely when you come to the next goal..

4) Attend 4 ranked guildball eventsI attended 4 guildball events last year, but one of them didn't end up ranked so I am still fairly low down in GB rankings (which like Malifaux are based on top 4 events). This year I'd really like to get to at least 4 ranked events to see how I could do. I've also really enjoyed all the GB events I've attended and am hoping to play in more. The main downside is the tournament scene around here (London, Essex, Woking) seems far busier for Malifaux than Guildball so Guildball requires more of a commitment to travel atm.. which means earlier mornings :P But hopefully there will be a few more local events popping up and I can get to a few events a bit further away. Currently have first event of year booked in late Feb.

5) End year in UK top 50 in Guildball, top 25 in MalifauxI didn't make a rankings goal last year as I had done so well in 2015 but also didn't want to stress myself out trying to make Masters. After only attending 6 events this year and ending the year in 24th in Malifaux rankings I decided maintaining that spot (with the ever rising level of the community) seemed like a good goal. Also I think I would've been close to UK top 50 in Guildball this year if my one tournament win had been ranked... so I think top 50 seems doable. Though will need to make sure I get to at least 4 events, and not have a bad showing (haven't yet.. but it's bound to happen).

6) Try at least two new game systems
Last year's Daffcon-related goal was to play in events for two non-Malifaux systems.. which I did (Saga, OGAM, Frostgrave. Guildball). This year my goal for the year in this area is two try two game systems I've never played. Which basically means no OGAM, Bloodbowl, Guildball, Malifaux, Warhammer, 40k, Frostgrave or Saga. Haven't determined exactly what these games will be but very likely that at least one will be at daffcon. I also don't count games I've only had a demo of (Dragon Rampant, Gaslands, etc) as game systems I've played so they are eligible for this. Dragon Rampant is one I am quite keen on... but not sure what others will tempt me... Can't wait until game list for Daffcon is up (favourite event of 2016 by a mile).

Hobby Goals
7) 85% painted Malifaux
Last year I aimed for 80% completed (I failed) and am currently sitting on 75% painted. I considered aiming for 80 again, but decided I should actually try and push myself a bit more so aiming to end the year at 85%. Should definitely be doable as long as I don’t buy a ton of new masters/factions…. I’m screwed aren’t I..

8) Paint 50ss crew for best painted awards (Titania + Ltd ed Barby)
I have really been trying to improve my painting since I got back into the hobby several years ago. Malifaux was my first big jump in that area, but over the last year my I painted my Guildball Fishermen team to the highest standard I’ve yet achieved. I even managed to get a best painted award at a small event last year, and twice won best painted goal token at other events. Really happy with how they look and I try and enter them into all the events I go to. In Malifaux my general standard is fine, but I don’t have a crew that I feel can actually ever win a best painted award, even at the events without the usual winners. Therefore, I decided I wanted to try to get one 50ss crew painted to the standard (or higher) of my guildball team. I (like many) immediately fell in love with Titania’s models when the renders were released. They seem like a great challenge as a painter and the box is pretty close to 50ss. I’ve also got a ltd ed barbaros I’ve not bothered to build yet (as I already have a painted Barbaros and he barely sees the table as is). Therefore that will be my 50ss best painted crew. I also will get it on the table a fair bit as Titania will soon be my only NB master under 15 games played (and at 1 game she is WAY behind).

9) Cooper crew painted to high standard
Failing to paint/use this crew killed my 2016 resolutions. This year that will change. I’ve actually built everything now (outside the coryphee) so should be able to get a painted crew on the table. They are still gorgeous models so I want to do justice to them. I may not spend as much time on them as the previously mentioned Titania project (mostly cause everyone seems to use Dark Carnival as a best painted entry) but I still want to try to have them on the high end of my painting quality. I also want them all to be dressed in horribly clashing clothes as they are a cheap crappy circus and can’t afford nice things.

10) Saga force painted
This one already feels fairly likely to fail. Of last year’s non Malifaux painting goals I painted my Guildball (yay!), didn’t paint my bloodbowl (and stopped playing), and didn’t paint my Saga… tho I did get some basecoats down. This year I want to get this force done. Saga is not a game I play a ton, but I do enjoy bringing it out for a game or two every few months. With no real plans to expand my collection it really feels like I should at least have a painted force. Plus the models are quite flexible.. bringing us to:

11) Painted OGAM force for Daffcon (based on Saga)
My Saga models formed the major part of my OGAM force at Daffcon last year and as stated above I would like to have them painted this year. This means that I prob need at least ½ my Saga models painted for Daffcon to be my mortals in OGAM. This leaves me needing to select and paint a god model and 2-4 hero models. This will give me a chance to paint some different stuff and maybe get some interesting stuff on the gaming table too. Haven’t decided exactly what these models will be left but I have a few models at home to choose between..

Well that’s it for this year’s goals. Let’s hope I do better than last year! Next planned post (though I may do some smaller ones before then) is a statistical breakdown of all my Malifaux games in 2016.. so hopefully you will enjoy that. Cheers!

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