Friday, 12 August 2016

So you're thinking of going to a tournament...

I'm going to do a quick (cough filler cough cough) guide to going to tournaments. Its not a guide to winning as I wouldn't know where to start, it's just a guide to not embarrassing yourself too much.

Step 1. Is simple anyone can do it. Buy a ticket, if at all possible buy it early. The earlier you buy a ticket the easier you make life for the TO and the more time you have to be excited.

Step 2. Make sure you can make it the event: get a pass, book the holiday, be out on bail.

Step 3. Read the rule pack. If there is a rule pack read it, if there isn't read the event description and ask any questions you have before the event. If on the day you are surprised by something that was clear in the rule pack you deserve for a wasp to land in your pint.

Step 4. Know where you are going. In the age of google maps and smart phones it doesn't take too much to work out in advance how you're getting to an event.

Step 5. Know when you are starting. Get there on time, early is better but at least get there in time to register

Step 6. Not vital but sleep the night before, and maybe don't have a night of hot curries and vodka. No one will thank you for being tired, hungover and stinking.

Step 7. Wash everything, wash it again if you're not sure. Clean body, clean hair (if you have it), clean clothes, fresh underwear. Antiperspirant, deodorant, perfume, or an air freshener if thats what it takes. Brush your teeth as well remember people will what to take to you don't make them regret it.

Step 8. Read your cards, know your crew and read the strats and schemes. Basically know your shit. You don't need to be a top flight perfect mind wonder kid just don't spend 10 minutes reading something that you should just need a reminder of.

Step 9. Show up. Seems simple but you'd be surprised

Step 10. Talk to people. Its supposed to be fun you're in a room of like minded people. Chat, say hi, ask questions. Most people aren't dicks.

Step 11. Don't be a dick and if you find yourself being a dick, stop it. General rule of thumb is if you saw what you're doing on a soap opera would you think that person need to be mysteriously hit by a bin lorry on a sunday night? if yes then calm it the hell down.

Step 11.b Remember: Don't be a dick and if you find yourself being a dick, stop it.
Step 12. Win or lose gracefully. This fits into not being a dick but don't sulk or gloat or be a child (even if you are one).

Step 13. Help pack up. It doesn't take much but a TO has given up their day to run something for you the least you can do is help them pack stuff away (nicely don't just throw stuff in a pile).

Well I'll leave it there I'm sure I missed plenty but that can always go in another post. Enjoy.


  1. As a TO I think you mostly hit the mark. Step 2 may need to go before step 1 though! In addition assembling models, remembering to take them and their cards is a good idea as is having sufficient tokens and markers.

  2. As for players not turning up, it happens surprisingly often. This year I've had "couldn't find the venue" and " I'm in China".