Friday, 18 September 2015

Book him Danno

When I'm not gaming or painting I like to read, and with an hour each way on the train to work each day I get a fair amount of time to do it. So I thought I would take a few minutes to give brief rundown of books I think fit with the Malifaux feel and style.

First up is the Shadow Ops series by Myke Cole.

A series of books that get progressively better this series takes place in a near future earth magic has been reawaken and people are starting to find that they have new powerful abilities. This also leads to the discovery of a new world filled with monsters, demons and gremlins. The books take themselves quiet seriously to start with but the combat is great and characters make a real impact.

The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson or to be more specific the fourth book Alloy of Law.

A great first three books but the one I want to talk about is the fourth book which is set in a world of steampunk(ish) cowboys battling it out with magic and guns. I'd recommened that anyone who likes fantasy and scifi works through all of Sanderson's book but you can jump straight into Alloy of law and enjoy fun if a bit safe story of crime, magic and one liners.

Red Country by Joe Abercrombie.

Another book that you'd need to skip a few books to get to but it works as a stand alone in a fully realised world. A classic western style with plenty of wagons and horses to make it feel authentic but with a bit of magic and mayhem thrown in for good measure. This book is full of character and wit and there's no shortage of blood to help it along. I'm a big fan of Abercrombie and this is one of his best.

Resurrectionist by James McGee.
More historical than fantasy but if you imagine Malifaux without the magic this would be it. Set in London during the Napoleonic wars an ex solider turned detective hunts for a mad man, a killer and body snatchers in the darkest parts of London. The best of McGee's books it has lots of twist and dark moments all with a backdrop of truth mixed in.

 Lastly the Pax Britannia series by Jonathan Green.

Pax Britannia are like classic pulp stories. Full of tropes and clich├ęs but that makes them even more fun. The first books has a fight in the Natural History Museum, a dinosaur stamped through London  and an evil scientist. All of this is dealt with by the gentleman explorer turned detective Ulysses Quicksilver. As long as you into this expecting not to take thing too seriously you'll enjoy these.

There are plenty more great books that could go on the list but then I'd have less to write about next time so that's your lot for now.

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  1. Sweet, I'll check these out once I get through my Brent Weekes Lightbringer trilogy. Which are awesome by the way :-)