Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Battle Report: Rasputina (Pippa) vs Lilith (InsidiouslyMad)

Introduction and Lists

Squatter's Rights (Close Deployment)
Protect Territory
Make Them Suffer
Plant Explosives

My List:
The Captain
2 Ice Gamin
Silent One
December's Acolyte
Arcane Effigy

Upgrades: Shattered Heart, Cold Nights, Seize the Day on Raspy
3 Soulstones

Insidiously Mad's List:
Lilith with Beckon Malifaux, Aether Connection and Wings of Darkness
Primordial Magic
McTavish with Hexed Among You
Bad Juju Fears Given Form and Eternal Fiend
2 Waldgeists
7 Soulstones

I decided that I wanted to have more models than my opponent as it is so rare for me to have activation control. This seemed a bit silly with Make them Suffer in the scheme pool but I thought the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages of having lots of minions. My main plan was to keep Raspy back and shoot through the cheaper Frozen Heart models (when is that not the plan?). I would use Joss to hit him on the flank and then charge towards the centre, murdering and sweeping 3 squatters markers along the way.

I felt happy with this deployment. Conor deployed first and used 2 Waldgeists poised on either ends of the squatter's line as I expected. I positioned Joss on the side furthest from Lilith (who was hiding in the ruins on the my left). He could easily take on that Waldgeist with the ignore armour attack. I had the Acolyte eyeing up the other Waldgeist with the 'Smell Weakness' tactical action which ignores armour within 6 inches. I deployed The Captain in the middle in order to push pretty much anything with the Airburst action. 

End of Turn One, Conor realises he had forgotten three cards in his box, including the red joker and a 13
I made a few mistakes this turn which meant I was kicking myself for not making more use of my amazing hand. First big mistake was using the December Acolyte to try and shoot and drag the Waldgeist on the left and then unleash the smell weakness action. Problem was I didn't manage to drag him away from the markers and wasn't close enough to enact my plan. Second big mistake was activating Joss before The Captain and therefore only getting to move into engagement range of the Waldgeist on the right. If I had used the Captain to push Joss 5 inches first then I could have been in charging range. I was not aggressive enough.

End of Turn 2

Conor threw Bad Juju into me with a switcharoo action called Tangled Shadows on the Ice Gamin. The gamin quickly died and gave away a point for Make them Suffer. I managed to push Raspy and the Acolyte with The Captain. This took some measuring in of the Acolyte's new position so that I could lay down an explosive marker just within 3 inches of both Juju and that poxy remaining Waldgeist. The other Waldgeist had been summarily toppled by Joss before getting Nullified by Conor's Primordial Magic. So I was not able to flip the squatter's marker on the right. Uh oh! With Doppelganger in the centre this would not do - Paralysed by Raspy! And then pulled off Paralysing Bad Juju too! Woop! And I cast some ice pillars because I couldn't hit anything else with Raspy and I had paid for that darn upgrade. Silent One also got in a good casting action against Doppelganger so I thought for sure the mimicking mamot would die soon as I could activate next. I was underestimating Doppelganger's survivability. After turn 2 I was down 5-3. 

End of turn 3
My attention was on killing the Primordial Magic so Joss would no longer be Nullified and he would be able to flip the squatter's marker and come and be useful in the centre. Raspy spent her activation killing the ugly thing and then paralysed Doppelganger and bad Juju again. Acolyte died giving up another Make Them Suffer point to Lilith (more switching places). I walked the Arcane Effigy to the other side of the board in anticipation of laying down some Protect Territory markers. Forgot about Lilith standing not even a stone's throw away. Silent One died somehow. Oh...and The Captain looked thoroughly ready for some squatter's marker flipping next turn.
End of Turn 4

Turn 4 went horribly for me, Bad Juju charged Raspy. Then Lilith covered the Squatter's marker. The Captain charged Doppelganger and sneaking over the half way mark (3 inch melee range is handy). The Doppelganger was still living after everything I tried to do to her (whilst going to achieve other things at the same time) and flipped the squatter's marked. McTavish killed the Ice Gamin as he can shoot into combat without randomising. So I was left with two models to try and eke out some points for Protect Territory in Turn 5.
End of Game
Joss was Tangled Shadowed by Lilith and attacked bringing him down to one wound so he got to reactivate and try and run away and place a PT marker. Not for long though, McTavish finished him off. The Captain survived but was tied up in combat. Denied any more scheme points. So in the end I scored 3 vp for plant explosives and 2 vp for the strategy while Conor scored all 10 points.

Final Score: 10-5 for Insidiously Mad

Final thoughts

Joss really needed to be more in the thick of it. I should have dropped a model and taken The Captain's upgrade and Imbued Energies on Joss this would have given me more options under the circumstances. Raspy did quite well but needed more soulstones to keep her alive and get Overpower on December's Curse.

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