Monday, 9 May 2016

Barrels. barrels and other casting

Greetings all

So in my last I showed you some of the barrels that I had been making. I managed to get some moulding done since then. Unfortunately, the rubber I used was a little on the stiff side. This makes getting the barrels out a little difficult and they are prone to chipping, especially at the top. Oh well, they will just have to be worn and rusted barrels.

On to the pictures. I have a fair bit to show you and plenty of lessons (read as mistakes) to learn from.

SO here was the first cast I pulled from the mould. This was a rush job to see if it pulled the detail and to see if I could get the barrels out without breaking them - I was worried about the stiffness of the mould.

Success...sort of. The tops are chipped a bit, and there are loads of air bubbles from the cast (not the mould though).

I should point out these were cast using lightweight hydrocal. I do not recommend it for fine detail casting. The mix is quite thick and it is prone to air bubbles. I have recently switched over to crystacal and it is a thousand fold better for this type of moulding.

Here is a picture of some more of my barrels plus a few Hirts Art casts I made. You can see how mmuch my casting has improved. This is a combination of me getting better and the switch over to crystacal.

Whenever I pour a cast I generally have too much mix and the excess always goes into my cobblestone mould for later use on my table. I wanted to see how far I had come.

This is the beginning of my horde.

And finally I added a really quick 30 minute paint job on a few pieces to see them all painted up.

I think I will try a darker tone next time, but happy with the potential on them.

Hope you enjoyed it. Next time I can show you my latest mould.


  1. nice. which molds of hirts arts (#?) did you use?

  2. Thanks. It was Cavern accessory mould (#85).

    It is the most difficult of the hirts moulds that I've used. The switch to crystacal really helped. Still a few things I need to perfect but happy with where it's heading.