Thursday, 28 April 2016

Pole to Pole

Dr Walnut 

I almost want to start this post saying that there are "two types of players" but in this context that is incredibly naive so I'll say instead that there are two poles of playing and people are drawn to each with varying strengths.

To explain if we say pole one (the northern one if you want a map) is all things fun; rule of cool, shits and giggles, beer and pretzels. Pole two (the southern one if you're taking notes) is all things competitive; perfect game, game face, never surrender!!!

Now there is nothing wrong with being more towards one pole than the other or even hopping between the two but I think that it's important to try and find a balance where you can.Okay so firstly how do you know which pole you are being drawn towards? A quick shorthand. If you find yourself looking at your possible actions and you utter the words "fuck it, I'll see what happens" then you'reswinging towards the north (and you will likely die of dysentery one day).

If you find yourself looking at your possible actions and you utter the words "well actually I think you'll find" You are swinging south ( and you better get moving university challenge is about to start).

Some people easily manage to find a good middle ground between the two poles. Some of the best games I've had have been against people who know where they were going to spend every AP but had a laugh every step of the way. Some of the worst games I've had are people who are full time residents of a single poll, you end up with either a sloppy mess of a game or a two hour lecture and neither are what I signed up for.

So what is the point of this rant? (like theres ever actually a point) We all modify our behavior depending on where we are and who we're with, it a part of being (or pretending to be) a grown up. You wouldn't flash your arse in a museum and you wouldn't take notes at a rave. There are points between those two example but you get the point. With this in mind when you step up to the gaming table try and judge the tone and mood of the game. If you are playing against someone serious maybe cut down on the nob jokes. If you're playing against someone looking for a laugh maybe crack a smile from time to time.I'm not saying change who you are every game (that's how serial killers are made) but don't piss on someone's cornflakes because they have fun a different way to you. Be nice, shift you're balance and get the most out of every game.

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