Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Showdown in Spring

I thought I give a quick run down of my recent trip down Wayland Games for the most recent of the Showdown series of Malifaux tournaments

So on a sunny Sunday morning I jumped into the car and headed down to Hockley. I didn't get lost, I didn't get pulled over an no vital parts of the car dropped off so I called it a success.
Quick spot of breakfast first at the local cafe in the company of some of the friendly chaps from Kent. I would say I held court and filled the cafe with witty banter, but no I sat nodded along and tried not to spill food down myself... A partial success, bean juice has a life of its own.

So into the hallowed halls of Wayland gaming centre and kick off by saying hello to everyone (it's all very British, lots of handshakes and how are you's) this was followed by a queue (we've practiced this we all knew the drill no drama here.)
Registration done, I declared ressers and got my wyrd poker chip thing (we all want them but no one knows what they are) and a friendly quip from the TO, none other than one half of the Legendary steampunk detectives Mr Mike Marshall himself.

Other stuff happened I wasn't really paying attention, I'd gone to get tea. Round one draw and I get the King of the South - Jamming Ben Crowe.
Headhunter with Molly vs Collodi. We all knew where this was heading so no presume for game 1 made it a really relaxed fun game. Molly threw punk zombies at people. Collodi basically did the playground classic of "stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself" the game finished 9-2 to... Drum roll ... Mr Crowe.

Lunch was the Wayland special of something warm and meaty in bread plus bits from the tuck shop. Does the job. Obviously there was lots of chat revolving around how people did round one and who do you think you'll get round two but there was also painting to be judged.
The painting judging is great as we all get to look at pretty things while pretending we know what's good and what not. (Like watching GBBO)

Round 2 - I drew the hardest working man in Malifaux Mr David Brown. We'd just missed playing
each other before and it was more than over due that we had a game.
The strat was collect the bounty Molly vs Kearis
We both scored frame for murder early thanks to a long charge form the rail golem and some very good cards and plus flips meaning I traded a effigy for the golem.
The game basically came down to a 50/50 choice for Dave on who I had entourage on luck for me he went for Datsue not Nanny otherwise I would of lost.
A lucky 8-6 win.

Round 3 - I drew local boy Troy who was running Colette and we had Guard the stash to finish the day. Things started well for me as I took out Howard the robo-spider before he could do much.
(this is about the point I was informed of the football scores and I died a little inside FYI)
Troy mobbed the centre of the board securing show of force and the stash markers while I failed to do much more than prowl about the edges not scoring VP.
Another really fun game and a great way to finish off the day. I lost with something like 9-3 or 4 I was tired by this point but a solid win for Troy.

To finish us there were prizes and a reminder of the football scores (I not crying there's something in my eye) The big surprise of the day (not Claire turning into a power gamer) was that I won a prize!!!! No not the spoon for once this was a painting prize, not the best painted that went to one of the James's (can't remember which but it was good) I won a prize for most improved painting. Which joking aside was amazing and really appreciated.

All the people I played came away with a prize which tells you how lucky it is to play me. Mr Crowe got a well deserved first place, Mr Brown got the wooden spoon (most important prize of the day) and Mr Troy (I don't know his surname) won best Arcainists.

A big thank you to the TO Mike who kept everything running smoothly and kept the fun levels high. Thanks to Wayland for letting us in and putting the kettle on. And thanks to everyone who was there, I know a lot of you just come along to these things in the hope of meeting me in person.

A quick (not too quick officer) drive home and I have to say despite going into the weekend on a bit of a Malifaux downer it was a brilliant day and my passion for the game is back and I'm excited to get the chance to do it all again at the GT next month.


  1. Its Troy Ashdown, my partner for Pairfaux, who you played in game 3, and I think James Henley won the painting award.

  2. Cheers Dave, just like I said the hardest working man in Malifaux.