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Guildball Battle Report: Fishermen vs Alchemists

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So this is a first for the blog, but after much discussion we have decided to include game systems other than Malifaux on the blog. The blog will still be heavily malifaux focussed, but since all of us are playing all sorts of different games at the moment, it seemed like the right decision to do some writeups on these. As a group I think the most common game we've been playing (outside malifaux) has been Guildball. Man do I love Guildball. Has so much that I love about Malifaux in the game but is also a lot less complicated and it is much easier to play 2 games in one evening.
Not the best photo... and not the exact team I used. But thought I needed at least one photo of my team..

On Monday I had two great games of Guildball last night vs Mechanical Dove.

Game 1 was my first time using Corsair vs his first time with Smoke.
I took Corsair, Salt, Siren, Angel, Sakana, Gutter
Brad took Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Mist, Calculus, Mercury

Turn 1 started with vitriol kicking off and me grabbing the ball with sakana and passing it to Salt. Brad decided to go aggressive and charged Salt with vitriol, getting some momentum and stealing the ball (but not having enough inf to shoot). Corsair then started beating down Vitriol (and taking the ball back). Passed the ball around a bit but thanks to all the burning I was unable to get a first turn goal so I passed it back to Corsair since close control could help keep it safe. Meanwhile team Smoke was just throwing conditions around everywhere. At the end of the turn my 4 of my 6 players were burning and poisoned and salt died to conditions :(. But I was way up on momentum and won initiative.

Turn 2: Corsair activated and took out vitriol and decided to keep a hold of the ball. Mist then charged in and took the tackle but I pushed him out of combat with the counter attack. He didn't have the momentum to score so he kicked the ball back towards his own team. Smoke came up aggressively to throw some templates around. Sakana/Angel repositioned to give assists and Gutter charged into Smoke and got off a scything blow on Smoke/Mist. Don't touch the hair came out to keep Smoke safe but I still got a few more momentous damage on Mist (thanks to all the assists). Siren tried to tie up Mercury/Calculus to stop him from scoring but Tac 3 and a tackle on 3 meant mercury just walked away with the ball and scored to put Brad up 6-2.

Turn 3: I was up big on momentum again (not used to this with Fish, man Corsair and Gutter are great) so won initiative. Put 6 on Corsair and 4 on Gutter with 2 on Sakana as the goal kick had landed right by him. Corsair went first and took out Mist, knocked down Smoke and popped his legendary. I can’t remember what Brad did next but Gutter went next for me and took out Smoke. The turn slowed down a bit there as I only had inf left on Sakana and wanted him to score at end of the turn. Annoyingly siren couldn’t get away from combat and trying to heal herself was in vain as Calculus/Vitriol/Flask teamed up to take her out. At the end of the turn Sakana walked up and calmly put the ball in the net (in Corsair’s aura) and used Don’t touch the hair to engage Flask.

Turn 4: Big initiative roll off here as I was up 10-8 but the ball had been kicked where Mist would be able to grab it and score (if he could get a point of momentum). I won the roll off again. I loaded up 6 on Corsair, 4 on Gutter again as I was now going full out on takeouts. Corsair walked up to Flask and pounded him into dust for the 12-8 win.

Closing Thoughts: Holy crap Corsair is awesome. He took out 3 models this game. My current take out leader has been Jac with 5 in 16 games! This was also the first time I used union in a game and Gutter was amazing. I’m used to losing the momentum race and I won it every turn, despite having to use some to remove conditions. Only downside with those two is they tended to take 10 of my 12 influence most turns, but it definitely worked out. I still can’t get any work out of Siren. She gets taken out more than any other player (by far) and just never does enough work for me. Angel was a non-factor but at least didn’t give up any points. It really was the Corsair and Gutter show with Sakana popping in the one goal and providing assists. Smoke seemed really good. His first turn was devastating for me as I lost Salt and was basically half health with 3 other models. After that I think Brad played a bit too aggressive with her and lost her to gutter. Think momentum (even with momentous inspiration) is a bit of an issue for them, but she seems really strong, though as Brad and I discussed, not sure if two strikers is the way to go…

Game 2:
I wanted to try out Fangtooth but think he fits better in a Shark team so decided to try out:
Shark, Salt, Angel, Greyscales, Fangtooth, Gutter
Brad ran the same team.

Turn 1: This time I kicked off (with Shark). Got a great kick result which forced him to bring out vitriol to get the ball and move it back to the team. He lit most of my team on fire (and poison) again. I left shark (with 6) and gutter (with 4) till last. Used tidal surge on mercury to bring him closer to my lines and hit him a couple times for some momentum. He had Mist on his right flank (with the ball) but Greyscales/Angel were stopping him from being able to come close enough there to threaten a  goal turn 2 so he moved way across to his left and hid him behind his lines. Gutter then charged in doing some damage and putting me up on momentum.

Turn 2: I won initiative and put 4 on Shark/Gutter, 2 on fangtooth, 3 on angel. Greyscales had none and was lurking in fast ground on my left flank in case the ball ended up on the left half of the pitch next turn. Shark went first hitting Mercury to gut and string him before some mom dodges into place to pop my legendary, catching his whole team in the net (ensuring mist would not score this turn) and then jogged back to safety. Fangtooth charged in to Mercury, knocked him down and took him down to 3 health. Instead of using my fully influence gutter to take him out I realized Angel wouldn’t be able to do anything this turn so charged her into Mercury, wrapping on the charge to do 3 damage and take him out. Second ever take out for Angel! Vitriol then charged gutter and was one good roll away from completely taking her out, which would’ve been a game changing moment as Gutter with 4 inf was gonna win me the mom race. Luckily he missed his last attack so I was left with 3-4 health. I hit Vitriol once for some momentum, walked and then chain grabbed mist but failed to hit him. Mist then Where’d they go-ed and sprinted away where none of my models could reach him next turn but he could score.

Turn 3: 
I started beating up Vitriol but couldn’t quite kill her and also couldn’t get anywhere close to Mist. Not much actually happened this turn as things just kind of slogged down. Neither of us could take out a player. Mist ended the turn with a screamer and I kicked out towards the center of the pitch. I won initiative thanks to gutter/shark wracking up some momentum. Down 4-2 now..

Turn 4:
I put 6 on Shark, 2 on Angel, 2 on Greyscales, 2 on Gutter, 1 on Fangtooth. Plan was for shark to take out Vitriol and get the ball to angel for a snapshot, but needed some good rolls for it to happen. Even with two assists I couldn’t do it, instead I had to leave Vitriol on 2 health left and take a couple momentous dodges to get towards the ball and have the momentum to snapshot. On 2 momentum shark grabbed the ball, passed it to angel who then bonus timed a snapshot and scored a screamer! He kicked the ball out to his left and used calculus to boot it up the field to where Mist could get to it. Fangtooth then finished off Vitriol. I had angel reposition slightly and put up super shot. Mist then grabbed the ball and scored with his last activation (since I was outnumbering him by then) I still had greyscales left with 2 inf. Greyscales (first time with inf since turn 1) ran in, where’d they go’ed to pick up the goal kick and passed it to Angel who scored her second snapshot of the game to end the game 12-8.

Closing Thoughts: After an ineffective game 1 Angel was responsible for 10 of my 12 points this game. Man I love her… I will never understand people who don’t take her as she really enables the scoring game more than any other fish (other than Shark). Shark actually had a relatively quiet game, but his legendary was MASSIVE. Gutter was incredible again as she’s allowed me to win the momentum race, which never normally happens with my fish. Not as sure on Fangtooth, he was tough as hell and provided KD and some damage, but not sure he does enough to be worth dropping someone like Jac/Sakana. Do want to test him out more though. Greyscales did what he always does for me, stay on the flank of the pitch where the action isn’t with no influence until the ball ends up on that flank and then he gathers it and gets it to my shooters. Still not had him taken out in 19 games, I really do love him even though he rarely does anything flashy (he plays so close to his fluff it’s awesome). It is so hard to stop Mist from scoring :P I think the alchemists struggled more in this game though as outscoring Shark-led fish is pretty tough and my team still did beat down better than his. I think the list needs more killing power (Venin?) but that may come down to just using Smoke and the condition game better, which will come in time.

Really enjoyed both games and am already excited for more guildball J

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