Monday, 25 April 2016

Fun with barrels

One of my favourite types of terrain on the gaming table are small pieces of scatter terrain. They are flexible and can be placed anywhere, they alter the movement of models by offering hiding places and they do all this without taking up too much space.

For my upcoming Victorian streets table I wanted to have a large number of barrels and crates ready for use on the table. However, I did not want to have to constantly make new ones. So the plan was to build a few masters and then mould them to reproduce as needed.

I started with a dowel stick and sawed it into a few pieces.

I rounded the edges with some sand paper. At this stage I was not happy with the shape, so I pulled out my Dremel and shaped it some more.

This looked more barrel shaped to me. Next up was to carve it into strips like an actual barrel.

Now it is starting to take shape. The next plan was to wrap some cardboard strips around it like metal barrel supports.

And then it was done. Next up I need to prepare them for their mould and get casting.

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