Thursday, 3 December 2015

We Made it to 100! (Posts that is)

Rather than just post up a normal content today, since it was going to be our 100th post we decided it would be appropriate to have a few of the contributors post their thoughts about the blog in general and the year + of Malifaux we've had since launching it.

Insidiously Mad: Well I can't believe the blog has been up for over a year. I assumed we would have failed for sure by now. Despite a rough patch of missing content for over a month recently we have done a pretty good job of consistently putting out a couple posts a week for the past year. The process of running the blog has been interesting, and all the discussion it has lead to between the contributors has been very interesting as well.

2015 was quite the year for me from a competitive perspective as I had only played in 2 events in 2014 and have no climbed all the way to the top 10 in Rankings and am going to be heading to Masters in January. I will have some more posts coming up soon about my competitive year in review, how I did on my New Years Resolutions, and my plans for next year, but I am hoping we can keep the blog going strong for 2016. 

Metalhed: 2015 was a reasonably successful year of Malifaux for me. I painted up my Resser Tara collection apart from a few extra horrors. I managed to put in a decent showing at a couple of tournaments and generally played quite a bit of Malifaux. I'm looking forward to getting in quite a few more Molly games. I've made a decent start with and am really enjoying what she brings to the table.

Looking back on the year I started off with a bang on terrain work and that completely fizzled out. I'd love to make some real progress on my Victorian streets table for home gaming.

I've got my second child arriving imminently. So I imagine the next few months will be less productive than I'd like from a Malifaux perspective. That means I'll have to make up for that by being super efficient with whatever free time I get.

As new masters go I might finally get around to adding my third resser lady to my crews.

Bad Luck & Blood:
Hard to believe that a year has whizzed past. Over the last year I've had a ton of Malifaux fun. I've dug into the Ten Thunders, learned to play better, and even done a few tournaments. I'm really pleased to be part of the Abnormalifaux crew and blog with them. Malifaux is hands down the best table top game I've played. Far better than anything GW has produced.

What has made it really special is the community around it. With any game there is always the danger of a split between the highly competitive players and the ones who think being competitive is unpleasant. It is an eternal argument. Neither will admit that there is no real right or wrong, just different points of view. Luckily Malifaux seems to have avoided that. What I have enjoyed seeing is how much progress my friends have made. I've made a few painful steps to being a better player, whilst they have raced ahead. That has made the games so much more fun.

My advice for those joining Malifaux is to play lots, go to tournaments and meet everyone you can. The more we put into the community, the better it gets. Oh and read the strats and schemes. I still don't know what they all are, and I often lose games trying to accomplish the scheme in my head rather than the one written down.

Pippa: It's fantastic to get to 100 blog posts. I really feel like Abnormalifaux is a valued resource for new and experienced players alike. Long may it stay that way! My posts have been short and sweet and far too few. I hope someone out there has enjoyed reading them and will enjoy reading my next one coming soon. I was to give a special thanks to Insidiously Mad and Dr Walnut for running the show and motivating us all.

Dr Walnut: To summarise my time so far posting on Abnormalifaux I'd say I've learned a few things about Malifaux, how to stop and really think about how a crew works and how much I can learn from how others look at the game. More than that though I have found out something about myself. I've found that I like to rant, at length about many things. And also that once in a while, whilst I scream at the squirrels people actually agree with bits of what I say.

So thanks for picking through the ramblings and finding the sense. I'm sure I'll find plenty more to rant about soon.

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