Thursday, 10 December 2015

A bit on the side.

We've all been there, sometimes you're at the club or looking online and you just want to say fuck it I want something new and exciting.

It can be the realisation you really want to have a go with your mate's (if you're lucky he'll try yours as well). It could be an embarrassing one you know your friends won't agree with.

Whatever it is sometimes you just can't  help picking up a new game.

I try and focus on one game at a time as I tend to be a bit all in when it comes to games. But even I can't resist the lure of a new game when the temptation is great enough.

After repeatedly putting it off I finally gave in and picked up Guild Ball which for those still resisting is a brilliant game.

But this does now give me the problem I was trying to avoid, how can I fit in all the gaming I want to do. Malifaux is by far my favourite game and I try and get a game in whenever I can but my best efforts I can only play one night a week.
So I'm looking at around four games a month, which is great but we can knock one of those off for demoing usually so we're down to three games a month.
If I add Guild ball once a month I'll have two faux one ball a month. And I don't think that's enough to justify the cost of either game.
If I was a good player or even an okay player this would probably be workable but as anyone who has played me know I'm a bit shit, even the most basic of tactics take ages to take root and then there's no chance I'll remember it during a game.

So what's the solution? Either more gaming time or more games in the same time. More gaming time is unlikely Dark Sphere is a hour plus journey home doing that more than once a week would be asking a lot from the family and although the train home is where I write most of these amazing posts it makes it a late night.
So more games in the same time, a game of Guildball and a game of Malifaux is possible in one night but not without giving up some of the more social parts of gaming which despite being an unsociable git I quite enjoy.

So again what's the solution? Answer, fuck knows! But at the end of the day it's not a bad problem to have is it? So my answer from now on will be play what I fancy it could be worse I could be stuck playing one of those shit games (you know which ones I'm talking about).

Once again this post is slightly closer to me having a two way argument with an old bucket but it gives you all something to think about (and fills space on the blog).


  1. Ha, recognisable problem. I too am limited in my gaming time so try to make the time I have as effective as possible.
    For me the solution is inviting people over at my place to play a game. It's less a-social for the rest of the family, as I am still at home, just playing a game with someone.

    If you both agree to limiting the game to two hours, you will find that in some time it's quite easy to finish the game in that time (or at least know with great certainty who will win). Plus side: playing more will up your skills as well!

    Good luck with your dilemma, but know you are not alone ;)

  2. Home gaming is a good solution.

    Not sure I'd want gamers in my house, they're all weird and smell funny. Family have enough of that from me.

  3. Home gaming is a good solution.

    Not sure I'd want gamers in my house, they're all weird and smell funny. Family have enough of that from me.

  4. Vassal is an option, if you don't mind it. Both games are alive and well if you know who to talk to. Sadly, it takes away my favorite component of the game; the ability to play across from a person you can face to face interact with