Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Those left behind.

As usual this isn't a post about the mechanics of Malifaux or even the joys of painting. This time I'd like to
take some time to say thank you to the real rulers of this community and hobby, the Governor Generals to our homes, the mothers to our monsters and logistics to our salvage. Of to put it in a way most of us understand the gaming widows known as She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Malifaux seems to fall in that social gap between sweaty boys in black tees playing with robots and rockets and last of the summer wine extras recreating someone's last stand. Because of this there are lots of Malifaux players with my partners and kids. (Huge insulting generalisation aside you get the point)

Because of the miracle of normal people and gamer cohabitation you have something that is widely know as a pass. Want to run off for a day pushing toys and trying not to get a spoon? You'll need a pass. Want to spend your day off at your mates pushing models about repeatedly, a pass. Want to book train tickets and a hotel room for a weekend away to push models around a lot. A big pass.

It's looks odd written down but that's how things work, you want to go have fun with your mates you ask first, partly for permission and partly because you (me) have no idea what's happening when and need to be reminded of everything that's booked in.

Don't misunderstand me I'm not complaining my Mrs puts up with enough from my hobby without me running off when I'm needed at home.

So what am I trying to say? 

Thank You! Thank you for putting up with the piles of plastic filling up the cupboards and the stink of paint and glue getting in everywhere. Thank you for not asking too many questions when a new box of something drops through the letterbox. Thank you for being the adult while I run off to act like a kid with my mates. Thank
you for being with a card carrying, flag waving gamer and not complaining (too much)

Lots of us have someone picking up the slack while we're off having fun and it's about time we admitted how important that is. Next time you get a pass make sure you appreciate it. 

(Just imagine what the scene would be like if for even a month there were no passes)

That's it from me.


  1. Ha, that's so me! I try to space out events so I am not off from home too often in a month :)
    Big thanks to my SO as well!