Thursday, 21 May 2015

Spirit of the game.

My most recent Malifaux master is Kirai. I picked up her box set along with Izamu and Yin.

I really enjoyed painting these as for a resser player it was a nice change from zombie flesh tones.

First up was Izamu the Armour in the style of a terracotta warrior.

Next up was Yin. The face on Yin is great and I tried to make it the main focus (hard when her guts are on show)

Starting on the crew box the seshin came next. There was a lot more to these than I expected, plenty of expression and detail. (They've had a bit of a touch up since this picture but you get the idea.)

The onryo were nice and quick to paint and plenty of contours to practices blending.

The big bad ghost Ikyrio was great to paint and even though the result is simple I'm really impressed with how she turned out.

Lost Love was a bit of trial and error the OSL didn't quite work so instead of starting again I just kept adding more. (forgot to save a picture of him but you see a group shot at the end)

This just left the main lady herself Kirai. I tried for a slightly different scheme to show she's seperate from the spirit while still matching in with them.

Everyone together...

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  1. They look awesome, we'll have to line up a game soon !!