Tuesday, 5 May 2015

From Rasputina to Ironsides

I have a number of arcanists models, all to work with my one master, Raspy.

People keep asking me whether I will move on to a new master soon. This is completely understandable, so many cool masters and models I am missing out on. One that, dare I admit, might better suit my play style.

I keep an eye on what I particularly admire when I play against other masters. One of the actions I most envy is giving out/having extra AP or at least pushing others. That and disappearing and reappearing on the board (e.g. Hello/Goodbye Levi).

Ironsides: tough, gains adrenaline in the fray, mobility tricks.
  • "Good shot, my turn." Tome defensive trigger gives out damage when she suffers damage from a ml attack.
  • "You looking at me." Lure-like (1) action that pulls all models their cg. Then forces a ml attack (opportunity for "Good shot, my turn").
  • "Rush 'em" - (0) action that pushes into base contact up to 6in with enemy model.

I initially thought about Marcus too as my next arcanist leader of choice. Marcus: hugely flexible on hiring beasts, mobility upgrades. But I must say after looking at his cards I was put off by his complexity. Besides Ironsides turned out so great so far.

I have now played three games with Ironsides, and loving her. I enjoy approaching enemy models intending to get some nice adrenaline the next turn. Then I get her outta danger with the aid of The Captain's push attack like good ol' Snowstorm and Raspy. Difference being Raspy was not designed to go anywhere near enemy models! Plus chances are that Ironsides might kill them and not have to disengage anyway. She managed to kill Swamp Hag and Nekima in a single turn. 'Nuff said.

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