Monday, 18 May 2015

Learning Lynch

I could be wrong but I think Lynch might be the master everyone wants to play but often feels he (or they) come up short when it matters. Who doesn't want to be a card shark in a card game!

So, as I am currently 'learning Lynch' myself, from the Neverborn angle I should point out, I thought I might do a bit of a spiel on what I have discovered so far.

Quick disclaimer, I'm no pro, I have played 4 games so far only with Lynch, these are my initial thoughts on Lynch and I hope to post additional musings and tactical genius (hah!) as I go along!
Musing #1

One thing I think is key to Lynch is you are almost going to take Hungering Darkness as your Henchman and Totem. Why wouldn't you? He is free after all however there is of course the hidden cost of Lynch having a Soulstone cache rocking in at a big one, yes 1.

So I feel this generally herds you towards a singular style of play, sure you can dress up the rest of your crew however you like and tweak your upgrades but generally your opponent knows what is coming. Can you hire other henchmen? Sure, but those soulstones, of which you only start with one remember and going to start running out ASAP! .. especially when you draw bulls*#t rubbish hands like I did last game but I digress. *mutter*

Musing #2

Brilliance, got to love the stuff, spread that goodness around the place and the hitting becomes easier, damage increases and everyone has a good time but ... like a kill joy coming down from a high (or unburying in your face if I was going to get all Malifaux on ya), and I draw on musing #1 here, you are once again drawn/herded to a particular style which in this case is spread out the brilliance and profit!

This does of course then naturally effect which minions you might take, Illuminated (well why wouldn't you anyway), Beckoners, Depleted etc. etc. so this again does tend help your opponent in once again know what's coming.

I could be totally wrong of course, I'm not an expert yet (quite probably never will be) but there does seem to be a narrower path there when compared to many other masters and that can be exploited or at least understood quickly by your opponent.

Musing #3

Damn he is squishy, with no real defensive trigger 'out of the box' other than the opponent takes 2 damage when they cheat you can die quick, real quick ... does Lady J care about 2 damage when she is applying sword to face, unlikely. He does have the Expert Cheater upgrade that gives him a push away on taking damage and I want to use that more but he is certainly in the glass cannon category and that makes for a harder learning curve for sure.

So that is all for now, I will add more posts as I learn to get more out of the master card shark and hopefully my musings help a few other card sharks out there as well.


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