Friday, 18 August 2017

AbnormaliRoll - Monk

Image result for d20It had been a more interesting start to his time away from the monastery than Stei had expected. Despite the tales of adventure and other exotic races he had heard, he had been warned that the most likely experience would be to spend a year doing odd jobs and meeting other humans, rather than the variety which he had found himself among with this group.

 A half-orc, a gnome, an elf and even a dragonborn! Even the other two humans varied wildly, a quiet and reclusive warlock by the name of Verina and a druid who’s concentration seemed to wander at times, even in the midst of a fight. They had gathered together around the campfire, companions thrown together by circumstance rather than design when Machi had thrown up his arms and pointed to a distant form circling above their destination. Deciding to investigate that night rather than waiting for the morning they had headed along the road, getting close to the town before encountering a group of kobolds, yet another race Stei had only read about. Stei had been surprised by how slowly his companions had reacted to the threat, only Reezka the half-orc seeming to recognise what was needed.

 It had felt like a training fight to Stei, coming away from it with a minor injury (kindly healed by Machi, although he’d seemed offended when Stei turned down the potion in favour of magical healing) and having no problems dispatching the kobolds. As they moved further into the town Stei and Heshtan the dragonborn (remarkably stealthy for a golden lizard) had drifted ahead of the others to scout, coming across another group of kobolds, this time lead by what appeared to be cultists, menacing a family group. Heshtan reacted with such swiftness that Stei barely saw him move, one cultist cleanly and silently removed, Stei taking out the second, although lacking the stealth, caused the kobolds to realise they were not alone. As the rest of the group caught up, they had no problems with the remainder, although not before the man was killed. While talking to the family a much larger group came across them, and the party took to their heels, Reezka sweeping up one of the children as they went. They headed for the keep, and reached it well ahead of the chasing pack, although some arrows came close. Now perhaps they could find out what was going on...

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