Saturday, 12 August 2017

AbnormaliRoll - Cleric

Image result for d20Asla stared into the waves as the ship headed towards shore. She inhaled the salty air as she reflected about her new companion. She'd spent the last few days with a Druid from the distant South. Not one to make friends easily Asla still felt this Druid was different. Ever since her family had drowned and she'd discovered her powers the sailors had been nervous of her. They respected her, but held their distance.
While not warm, the Druid did not shudder at her presence and he seemed happy to discuss the world and the places he'd seen. So she'd agreed to join him on his travels. And while there she could spread the word of Umberlee.

The next few days they'd walked, Asla wasn't that keen on walking... ships were quicker. But they had collected a small band of companions as they headed south to one of the larger shipping villages. But at least they'd not ventured too far from the sea.
The group they gathered was no less strange than the Druid. The first they found was a half orc. A formidable woman with a massive axe to boot. Despite her huge frame and the blood of an orc pumping through her veins she seemed an approachable sort. Reezka or some such she went by. Happy to tell tales of the land. She claimed to have done odd jobs in the area and was certain there'd be work in the town.
The following evening they made camp with three more adventurers. The first was a mystic, but not like the Druid. He seemed more pious, but not like some of the priests she remembered from her childhood. Stei was his name. He had an athletic frame and carried his spear like he knew how to use it.
The second was a quiet lady. Seemed a bit more studious. Friendly enough, alert, Virena . Every now and then Asla was sure that the air crackled near her.
Then there was Hesh. A strange creature. With the frame, admittedly large, of a human. But in fact a lizard. With impressive golden scales. He walked in a way that belied his huge frame, more like a cat.
That night they'd a bit of a rowdy gathering around the campfire. Ale was shared and the Druid had found some mushrooms nearby... not like the dry ones he'd brought on the ship. These were large, fresh, juicy ones with bright purple spots. Some of the group turned them down but they were delicious and gave a wonderful buzz.
Reezka was telling a tale of one of her battles. Maybe it was the ale, or perhaps the shrooms but it was enthralling. We joked about forming our own company. We needed a name. Some ideas were thrown around. And then "We should call ourselves Badger's Bollocks". Everyone cheered.
Stei was the first to ask "Who's Badger?"
"Well, I am". Said a little voice. "Badger, world famous lyre strummer, singer and teller of tales".
The group roared out in laughter and the gnome made it seven. And so the Company of Badger's Bollocks was formed.

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