Thursday, 10 August 2017

AbnormaliRoll - Bunch of hordes

So as I briefly mentioned before the Abnormalifaux group have decided to take a stab at some RPG fun by running a D&D campaign.
I'm the poor soul who has to herd these fine examples of adventurers so I suppose it's also my job to inflict ... sorry inform you with what's happening as we go.

For those that want to know we're playing Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition and we're running through the Horde of the dragon queen adventure (with a few tweaks from me)

Hopefully the player will fill you in on the story as we go, from their view point as its their story. I'll try and stick to the more technical side of the adventure with my posts going forward.

The first issue we had was finding somewhere to play. Unlike most groups I've heard about finding players was no problem I had a whole team of keen players ready to roll some dice and kick some dragon arse. Finding somewhere for all of us to play which was close enough to all of us and had the space to fit us in was a bit of a quest in its self.

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Our regular gaming store Dark Sphere has exploded in popularity in recent months meaning getting a regular table is like finding hens teeth. There are a few other gaming centres in and around London but London is a big place and nothing fitted in with where we all live and work. The next step was pubs and bars.
Anyone who has been in a London pub knows finding a quiet spacious one that you can set up a game in wasn't looking good. (I actually got told by one bar that had a massive table in their backroom that I wanted to hire that we wouldn't be right for them.) On the verge of giving up before we started to decided to chance my arm on a venue I've been to a couple of times for book signings. That being the top floor cocktail bar at Waterstones. Which although a bit busy at points is a great place for a bit of dungeon diving.

Okay players and venue sorted I needed to learn how to DM and how to D&D in general. Its something I've tried a few times but only briefly. So I fired off a few messages to mates who do this sort of thing and started rereading the rules.

Image result for wylie coyoteI'm very much a trial and error learner so hopefully I pick things up each session. The first lesson I've learned is to keep track but not to try and keep hold. Meaning I need to know whats going on and who's doing what but I don't need to direct people in what to do just how to do it.

I'm going to leave it there as I have rules to read and players to feed to dragons. People who follow the blog will notice a shift in the release schedule over the next few days. I'm going to release one of the players stories every couple of days just so you get to read them before the next lot arrive.

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