Monday, 21 November 2016

Arc 17

As I've mentioned before 2017 is the year of the Arcanists for me. As a little taster I thought I'd share what I've painted up so far. (cough, filler!)

Part of the appeal for me when I decided to switch factions was the opportunity to have a who faction painted to a decent standard as the quality on my Ressers swing quite a lot from when I started them. I'm assuming that when I look back at these in a couple of years time I'll think the same thing, but that the benefit of improving.

I'll start with the masters I have painted so far, first is the beast master himself Marcus

Second is the ice queen Rasputina. Particularly happy with the skin on her.

Next up the big beasties

King Cojo

Whiskers the cat

Fred the frozen fist

And one you've all seen before DJ Envy

Next step down is the long hedgehog

The first Arcanist I painted and one of my favourites Alt performer.

And lastly the honorary Arc, Johanna

There should be a few more like Myranda but no idea where I put the picture. There's still plenty more on the painting queue to add to these so hopefully I can have a functioning crew by the start of the new year.
Thanks for reading (glancing at the pictures) should be back with some proper content. 

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