Thursday, 6 October 2016

Shared scheme pool

Last week the Abnormalifaux mob decided it would be fun to all use the same strategy and scheme pool, flipped the week before while everyone was looking for a game.
It turned into a really fun idea as we could all chat about the schemes and then compare results afterwards. A bit like a really relaxed tournament game

The scheme pool was this
schemes generated via the awesome Crewfaux app

The results were

Game 1. Pip - Arcanists 9 v 9 Peter (me) - Ressers
(Rasputina v Tara)

Game 2. Arran - Ressers 8 v 7 Conor - Neverborn
(Tara v Lucius)

Game 3. Francois - Guild 6 v 3 Brad - Arcanists 
(McMourning v Rasputina)

I'm not going to go into a full batrep for each game but fun was had, cards were flipped, and bad things happened etc.

As this was it was so much fun to chat crews and tactics with a shared scheme pool I thought I'd do it again, but open it up to everyone.

So here is your pool for next week, feel free to share your ideas for crews and what schemes you would take and if you play them how you got on.

If there is any sort of positive response to this I'll try and make it a regular post, maybe even tie it it with a few guest batreps to keep it interesting.

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  1. Nice idea!
    I had a couple of games where we would have the same matchups with the same strat/schemes. As you say it makes it possible to have lots of discussions about the game because of all the shared variables.